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KA MATE! KA MATE! New Zealand performs the Haka before Basketball game vs India

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Team New Zealand’s basketball players not only impressed with a 101-46 win over India at the beginning of the 2nd Window of the #FIBAWC Qualifiers, but also with the Haka – their traditional ceremonial dance from the Māori culture.

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  1. That's India weakness they don't have a fighting spirits hahaha

  2. wow…………….. just wow…………… ❤️❤️❤️🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  3. Now i understand haka, they are doing it to respect and thats their tradition. Back then i thought they are doing that to piss off their opponents and im really upset why the other team just standing there, if im on their place i will raise my middle finger to the haka, but now i know im sorry lol.

  4. If I'm Gilas Pilipinas, I would do a DX "Suck It" as a response

  5. Yon yong kakampi ni Kai sa ignite ah. Mahilig pala syang dumila. Gustong gusto ng mga babae yan eh. Hihi

  6. the mullet kid is not playing w kai tonight for the 36ers?

  7. Ito talaga malakas na kalaban ng GILAS. Puro sa labas ang tira.

  8. I just want the Indian team to also showcase their bollywood dance. That would be fire 😂

  9. That guy smiling was so intimidated that he was looking a way out

  10. Hakka dance respect the tradition love from Philippines..

  11. 0:38 dude laughing not knowing they gonna drop 8 pts in the 1st quarter lmao

  12. British not just stole Maori's land they also stole Maori's culture.

  13. Dito na karma.nuon ang gilas pinagtawanan nila ito..lalo na si abueva

  14. Uselessness. Should every team culture show first? And somehow use religious custom to play

  15. Bukas masisilayan naman to ng bagong Gilas roster. This is a respected ritual. Love from 🇵🇭

  16. is that like Cheering in NZ? wow! hope they also pyramid…and pompom

  17. Tangena!! Hnd mapigilan tawa ng isang INDIA 😂😂😂😂

  18. This only works in rugby lol. Don’t be doing this when your team is trash

  19. Wala yan sa Pinoy sayawan lng namin kayo ng Tik Tok at papakain lang namin kayo ng Luwag ni Len Len.

  20. Where is Samoan People when you need them. Samoan Haka is fierce also

  21. Is there any other team in any sport that performs a cultural chant/ritual before every game?

  22. Let's Go India, try the helikopter helikopter

  23. Sorry, but seeing pasty white dudes doing this is just too funny 🤣🤣

  24. If i were with the Indians team I do the same thing… the Bharatanatyam dance.🤣😂

  25. Indian player trying to stop his laugh to respect New Zealand

  26. Go and watch legends reaction over haka , watch usa vs new Zealand fiba match , it seems harden Anthony and all other usa players are heroes and rest other are challenging them , goosebumps moment

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