Johnson C. Smith vs North Carolina Basketball Game Highlights 10 28 2022 -

Johnson C. Smith vs North Carolina Basketball Game Highlights 10 28 2022

Matthew Loves Ball
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Johnson C. Smith vs North Carolina Basketball Game Highlights 10 28 2022
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  1. Bruh… can Nance do anything on offense? Start Nickel already…

  2. He still running zone jcs coach still suck plz fire him man

  3. Are you going to post Tennessee Gonzaga?

  4. Illinois vs Quincy

    And listen!!!

    Tennessee vs Gonzaga why? Tennessee looks amazing!!! Fxcccccckkk! What a rush!

  5. Quality is 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  6. Hey ACCN: Jefferson-Pilot called, they want their 1979 video quality back.

  7. only won by 60 against a division 9 school SMH lmfao

  8. Bump all of these lame comments!!! I’m just glad to see Carolina basketball back. Been waiting on this.

  9. As much as I luv Manek the day he steps foot @NC Luv Nance better
    He’s got the length can shoot,defend and can ball!

  10. Lol stop please ya playing less comp ( look deeper people)

  11. We are not deep at all come back to Reality this team can’t go 9 or 10 deep that’s a shack time

  12. Matthew you’re too clutch bro 🙏🏿

  13. Always appreciate the full game highlight vids

  14. UNC has the easiest cupcake schedule there next toughest test is Ohio State in middle of December but I don't see UNC getting tested until they play Virginia or Duke in ACC on February

  15. Poor old JCSU didn't know the third string was so good. Kind of demeaning when you are a tune up game for the number 1 team in the country. They still trying to figure out what happened

  16. Mr I got ya Fooll get out them feeling whoever you are stop talking slick!!! I don’t know you at all but if you really think am I am so be I can you promise you I don’t go back and forth if you got a problem with my opinion again stop trying to be cutie okay CLOWN never said anything disrespectful at all lol lol Clowns

  17. What’s with y’all insane people talking slick lol to someone who don’t know at all over one mans opinion YES I AM BIG UNC FAN ( again I am Rams Club member) I don’t put the cart before the horse lol lol

  18. Let’s use COMMON SENSE ( how can you hate a team) when you are a Rams Club member lol lol so that statement sounds childish and foolish on top of that I took class at UNC LOL LOL maybe I don’t put the cart before the horse y’all like them Denver Broncos fans caught up in a delusion or lack common sense don’t know but it’s sad ( not calling anybody stupid )

  19. I didn't know this game was posted, what a nice surprise, thank you Matthew.

  20. Good to hear Marcus Ginyard on the call. Go Heels.

  21. To the young lady I got a life you might need too!! acted childish over someone else opinion speaks value about you have a blessed day!!! Bye the way I have taken classes at and I’m a Rams Club member there is no hate like common sense an Reality as well if any of the starters get hurt including AB it’s a wrap you see what the Jayhawks did!! that’s basketball not hate this team isn’t deep Roy could go 9 or 10 deep

  22. UNC has the starter and the bench players to win a National Championship and the ACC tournament and the Regular Season Title.

  23. I know the Heels are SUPPOSED to demolish this team, but in recent years, games against smaller schools have been much closer. Heels stacked.

  24. No I’m scared to play yall as an Indiana fan

  25. Nance will not a be a 3 point threat like Manek was, however, he’s a much better rebounder, defender, and can really score inside. Heels have enough shooters and depth to where they won’t need Nance to be Manek.

  26. If Caleb can be consistently efficient driving and shooting.. look out🙌


  28. 60pt dub lol.. ig it happens when don’t gotta big what so ever😅

  29. In the beginning of the game I thought homeboy for north carolina had on a white durag until they got a close up of his blonde braids with a head band on lol

  30. i know why RJ didn’t play but wassup with beau and jalen tho?

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