Jayson Tatum Hits Spinning Game-Winner To Beat The Nets In Dramatic Game 1 | NBA Classic Game - bestfungamesll.com

Jayson Tatum Hits Spinning Game-Winner To Beat The Nets In Dramatic Game 1 | NBA Classic Game

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To celebrate Jayson Tatum’s 25th birthday, take a look back at Jayson Tatum’s spinning layup as time expires caps an incredible contest between the Celtics and Nets.

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  1. I’m so glad that they posted this game on his 19th birthday. Truly a classic

  2. Boston and Brooklyn will play tonight and we’ll beat crap out of them. Happy birthday JT. Let’s go Celtics!!!

  3. Why did they stop calling it “Hardwood Classic”?

  4. we won against the celtics tonight too lol

  5. The Van Gundy’s are the worst commentators in the history of sports.

  6. Bucks vs nets game 7 or bucks vs suns game 6

  7. We need Game 6 of Heat vs Celtics where LBJ went crazy pleaseeeee

  8. Who tf is actually gonna rewatch a whole modern nba game😂

  9. I don't know why but this feels like it was 2yrs ago instead of last year

  10. Man Jeff Van,he is the realest tv sports commentator.. tell them Jeff. RJ brother

  11. How do I identify this match? Is there a way to find out actual match date?

  12. HollywoodFan21 ( Luis Villavicencio ) says:

    Boston Celtics is one of my favorites Basketball Teams.

  13. Man,I'm here watching classic Celtics games,and cannot wait to see what Porzingis will bring to the table next season.Until then my fellow Can fans,this is all we have.🍀

  14. Kyrie went stupid just for KD to be ass this game. Hurts.

  15. why they booing kyrie after everything hes done for the celtics

  16. If the nets won this game, it's gonna be a different series.

  17. they wave it off really killed the call, brean a goat but man that killed the moment

  18. Brodie them lame ass Boston white folks was picking at Kyrie Irving.

  19. Kyrie Irving the best Point Guard ever and he destroy the Celtics

  20. 1:28:47 should pass the ball to claxton, i love kyrie but he way too selfish

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