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Japanese basketball robot wows at half-time of USA-France game 👀

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The Olympics basketball shooting robot had everyone making Ben Simmons jokes


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  1. This is why the American wont let them have a proper army lol

  2. Steph been real quiet after this dropped

  3. Humans will play vs robots in several decades.

  4. apparently out of 1000 shots this bot only missed once.

  5. Ben Simmons clenching his fists right now

  6. There are no human anymore. Robot controlled the world

  7. Curry : Finally! A worthy opponent! Our Battle will be Legendary!

  8. Wow the robot impressed all 2 people there

  9. The next thing happened before I knew was it aready got selected in the nba draft as top 1 pick

  10. in new breaking NBA news Ben Simmons has been traded for a robot in JAPAN

  11. Steph Curry: Look What They Need to Mimic a Fraction of Our Power

  12. 接下來是1公里 10公里 100公里 連上衛星定位 裝上引爆物 就是日本新科技精準導彈了

  13. One day NBA will be two robots at a time battling to see who gets the first basket

  14. thats stephen curry on the roller blades in disguise… or other way around ?

  15. No wonder future will have cybernetic arms for shooting 3’s 🤦‍♂️

  16. Soon we will not be able to play baskettball

  17. Your time has come Lebron… No lives matter. Haha!

  18. Steph curry : i mean… he’s ok I guess 🤷🏽‍♂️

  19. What are the Japanese doing is basketball for humans l hope when l play basketball it is not going to be any thing like this

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