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Japan v India | Men FINAL | Full Game | FIBA 3×3 U17 Asia Cup 2022

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Watch the Men FINAL Full Game between Japan and India from Day 5 of the FIBA 3×3 U17 Asia Cup 2022 in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

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  1. One day i defeat these all country from india vishal gujjar

  2. Wtf is this, half court game is An asian finals? Is this a joke

  3. Please send Indian Football team in aisan games aswell 🇮🇳😭

  4. Is it just me or is the commentator hilarious 😂

  5. 3v3 half court basketball game, bruh what 💀

  6. Proud of our Indian boys…well played. Congratulations to Japanese team

  7. india No 9 need to work hard bro you looking lazy

  8. Congratulations team Japan! Very well played!!!

  9. Cricket has destroyed every other sports In India 😒 , we should focus on other sports too like Football, Basketball, Baseball

  10. Poor peoples game!! For those who cannot afford full court!!

  11. both teams should use floaters in game it would've been so affective

  12. go india vande mataram
    good efort japan

  13. Actually,I'm from India and there we see only cricket and that is really appreciate and loved sport by people amd that's true there are many great players too,but i think we should encourage other sport games too!!…and I genuinely love basketball🏀🏀❤

  14. Can we just shoot with one camera ! please

  15. Pls keep playing my dear Indian team i support u with all my heart

  16. Cricket spoilte every another game in India

  17. the passing of Japan was awesome,,, it was a shooting team and executed its plays .. the floor stretching from japan was awesome… The defense of Indian team was not that good . the team chemistry was also not that good …

  18. Indian players are good but hardly pass the ball or block the shoot. That is where we make mistakes.

  19. No offense
    But it looks so easy when steph curry does it
    Now i understood it is hard to take a long range shot

  20. Cricket spoiled every other game in India, Cricket is for old people, half of the team sits and the other half stands, the batsmen run but only 20 meters at a time. Bowler can run or walk at his comfortable speed again 10 meters

  21. But why they are playing with volleyball

  22. I started watching Basketball because of the anime/Manga "Slam dunk" and literally i am in love with that sport! Lots of love to indian players for playing this sport for the country. Always there to support you. And thank you japan to let us know about this sport! 🇮🇳❤️🇯🇵

  23. Bhaiii the last 2 shots of Japan were mund boggling ❤❤ Dil se bharat bhaiii❤❤❤

  24. why there are no northeast people in Indian team 🙂

  25. Even after watching this games. Majority of the indian will go and support ipl and world cup cricket. So why bother about basketball and football

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