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Japan v India | Full Basketball Game | FIBA U16 Asian Championship 2022

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Watch the Quarter-Finals game between Japan and India at the FIBA U16 Asian Championship 2022.

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  1. The Indian team is great. Basketball is not their strong suit. And they are totally dependent on Indian and Chinese, black and white led Japanese team to play neck and neck. Congratulations to team India!

  2. Kept me on the edge of my seats till the last moment! Good work Team India, all power to you! 💪🇮🇳🇮🇳

    And congratulations to Japan too, will be rooting for you guys in the U-17 world cup🙏

  3. such an amazing Game 🔥
    we'll win next time for sure 🫂

  4. Very bad performance by India…couldn't even beat a small country like Japan..shame on India…

  5. Damn good game… the new basketball winning technique is all about 3’s. The day we as a nation can get it right, we’ll win world level championships. Our players played like lions.

  6. poor outside shooting and poor rebounding made all the difference for India. But still pleasantly surprised by the close game.

  7. 川島くんがu-18のときの八村選手に重なる

  8. Amazing game !! What I love about this match that India team fight till last minutes of game !! 😍🇮🇳🙏

  9. I started watching this game to root for my country Japan, but I'm just impressed with the huge development of Indian basketball.
    I don't say Japan is an elite basketball country but I have been feeling like Indian players are more talented than Japan but less skilled.
    But now they are definitely learning skills and it's scaring and exciting at the same time lol
    I'm just looking forward to much more development of Asian basketball and hopefully catching up to Europe and America.
    India got great young stars like Harsh Dagar and Kushal Singh, and I'm also rooting for you guys from Japan!
    Thank you for the good game, future is bright for Asian basketball!

  10. Well played guys, we lost in a bit, next we will back with Bang for sure 👍

  11. damm that was intense indian players played amazing that was all in on the court gave everything they got.

  12. Boht sohna khele apne munde and even boht khushi hoi fitness dekh k poori takkar diti japan wrgi team nu. Hark luck team india but future seems very bright of Indian basketball

  13. The display of defence and offence from team india was exceptional
    Future of indian basketball is here🏀🏀🏀🏀🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. i was gripping my seat at last minute. So Close! Wishes best of luck for both teams in future rendezvous

  15. We could have won this match. Hand-to-hand rotation did not work today and couldn't use Rathore for 3 points. However good game guys..

  16. For first time We were so close to qualifying for World Cup . But I am sure next time we will make it .Well played Guys as it was a close fight!!!

  17. India is very potential to be basketball country. Its easy to find 6'5+ ft person in india. Dont stick in cricket try invest in other sports

  18. Shabash Laundo , Badiya Khela.
    Being in Quarters is a great result anyway .

  19. インドの速攻がなかなか止められなかった試合だったけど、日本代表ワールドカップ出場おめでとう!!このままセミファイナル、ファイナルも勝って7月の為の力にしよう!

  20. You played so well India!! Next time!! Congrats Japan!

  21. A valiant effort from India, but it wasn't enough.

  22. 🇮🇳 will be the power house of sports just needs to end corruption, Looby in every sports body

  23. Well played india i never ever seen before though fight against Asian giant I proud of 💪😊u team india🇮🇳 😍

  24. This game will change Indian basketball 🔥

  25. Japan cool mind game commendable.
    India could have played without fouling and making freeshots counts then they have definately win

  26. Great game lads, just the last few possessions. Great improvement in the indian basketball scene.

  27. get to know about this tournament from The bridge… very close lost of Indian team

  28. I wish 6'7 Indian American Shooter Ryan Agrawal and Indian Canadian Ishan Sharma played for India

  29. This curly hair indian guys got a melo vibe, cool

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