Is The Carnival Basketball Game RIGGED? -

Is The Carnival Basketball Game RIGGED?

Jeffrey Bui
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  1. My house hoop as curved as that so I would have a breeze 😂

  2. Legit I was at holiday world and I don’t even play basketball and I got this on my like fourth or fifth try

  3. That just sounds like a skill issue

    Nah for real though I’m just playing

  4. I made one in five shots and won a big pillow that looked like a basketball at a carnival the other day.

  5. Hoops like those are fake they have a glass on top of the hoop that's why you kept missing

  6. They do this so they can keep getting money so people can keep trying

  7. That’s Ventura California fair I won 3 jerseys and a big stuff animal on a football throwing one

  8. You should have kept going to magic number 69

  9. Nah I’d still shoot at it. It’s single rimmed

  10. I hope you guys know if you ever go to a carnival the rims are bent a lil bit so the ball won't be able to fit inside the rim basically stealing money

  11. The basketball that you're using that's the same basketball I use to play basketball

  12. My cousin made 2 today but not in a row lol

  13. One time when i went to a carnival there was this man and he actually made like on his 7th attempt.
    Man was a legend

  14. Yes its possible just give curry the ball 💦

  15. Carnival: Better luck next time!
    Steph: Could I try?

  16. It probably not rigged ya just suck at basketball

  17. I made mine first try shooting like you💀💀💀💀

  18. You were never even close lol. I don’t think you would have hit a shot if it were a normal rim.

  19. These use to really have me questioning my jumper

  20. All that stuff in the way lol . Me and my Nephew both Hit one Here in Maryland

  21. I usually use over inflated balls so i have a guaranteed one bucket every time i play those and yes my rim isn't a perfect circle since i handmade it💀

  22. It's usually slightly bent in from the front to back (hard to see that way) the rim is bolted in (making it super tight, and makes ball bounce off higher) over inflate basketballs, and then make rim a few inches off 10 ft. It's only possible if you swish with a rainbow shot. I've done it and even making it feels wrong because we shouldn't encourage others to play it.

  23. You are just simply bad. Theres not one basketball hoop I haven’t scored on

  24. You suck dude I always make it when I buy 5 balls

  25. He did win something a few hundred dollara off making this video

  26. I made one yesterday at the state fair on my first shot. I paid for three shot and they didn’t let me go again because you’re only allowed one prize per person lol. I had to gave the Steph Curry night night after I made for the people watching. Felt like I won a championship 😂

  27. There are NBA players that can't start hitting these until they warm up and get a feel for it. You obviously can't do it with an NBA star, but I'd like to see a video of an unknown NBA or WNBA player going to a carnival and playing this game. It would take a few throws, but eventually they would get it down and start sinking one right after the other. I'd love to see the look on their faces as they're being cleaned out of prizes 😂

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