Iowa vs. UConn - 2024 NCAA women’s Final Four | FULL REPLAY -

Iowa vs. UConn – 2024 NCAA women’s Final Four | FULL REPLAY

March Madness
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Caitlin Clark and Iowa faced off against Paige Bueckers and UConn women’s basketball in a highly-anticipated 2024 Women’s Final Four semifinal game on April 5. Watch the full game replay here.

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  1. I wonder how many decibels there were in th Bluder home when her children were scolded? 😂

  2. Both teams looked tired and non-focused. Turnovers? wow those numbers are killers. Iowa played the game before this one with all they had. They didn't recoup as fast as it is required.

  3. i said it again if PB dominate the game she score 27 or 30 ,but if CC has a bad game she only score 30 ,anything else ????

  4. I was just about to say, when you said it, UCLA had a pretty good team last year, and couldn’t beat a run down LSU.

    I will take it with a grain of salt.

    Could be the coaching. I’m just saying.❤️

  5. 54:46 Highlight of the game for me was this play right here! Jada giving Kate all the love and positive energy, then Kate goes back in and KILLS in the 4th quarter! 🥰🥰

  6. Edward's barely leaning on Marshall??? Did you not see the knee and the elbow hitting Marshall???

  7. A pure HORSESH*T call, insuring that Iowa/CC made it to the NCAA final, mucho $$$ for the NCAA and the networks involved. Next will be the high school championships, nationwide. Goodbye yellow brick road,

  8. UCONN got away with so many fouls in this game.

  9. 原本一場精彩的比賽

  10. rewatching march madness just cause i miss the huskies 🥲 the first half is just so good it still hurts to know how this game ends 😔

  11. Rebecca Lobo was clearly rooting for UCON all along. Lobo should stay as commentator only!

  12. CC is the greatest. Even free throws can be manipulated. The second free throw was a little bit stronger such that it will not go in but bounce further towards Iowa!

  13. As far as I see it, Iowa cannot boast a win over UConn. They won by a bad call from a ref. That is not a glorious win to celebrate.

  14. Paige will be back, I hope she learns from her mistakes because she could've had 35 in this game with how good she is offensively, Nika's defense kept them in the game

  15. @arpita2980 hace 4 a NIKA MÜHL YoU ABSOLUTE QUEEN

  16. 4:40 Notice how after Clark runs into the pole Edwards makes sure she is okay, and as the Huskies are in a huddle they pat Caitlin’s back and side as a sign of comfort and respect. It is amazing to see good sportsmanship like this on the court🩷🩷🩷

  17. Paige is winning it all this upcoming season

  18. So Clark has lost back to back finals, yet she's a GOAT. Make it make sense

  19. theyre 8 different players. nobody seeing them in 1 on 1 if regular.

  20. Fun game to watch.
    Only critiques are this is 720p which is hard trash, and these girls can't make layups to save their life.

    Otherwise, actually enjoyable to watch.

  21. this is my fav womans collage basketball teams

  22. It’s so crazy that Nika Muhl was still running the point so Caitlin Clark couldn’t rest on defence.

  23. Блять двойное ведение знаете что такое

  24. not knowing yer comments. Greet play hehe

  25. conn is CHEATING that's how they got here😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂u U CAN'T swing YOU'RE arms hands at a PERSON face when you shoot😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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