Iowa vs. South Carolina - 2023 NCAA women’s Final Four | FULL REPLAY -

Iowa vs. South Carolina – 2023 NCAA women’s Final Four | FULL REPLAY

March Madness
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Caitlin Clark and Iowa advanced to their first NCAA championship game in program history after knocking off previously-undefeated South Carolina, 77-73 in the 2023 Women’s Final Four. Clark finished with a historic stat line — 41 points, eight assists and six rebounds. Watch the full NCAA tournament game replay here.

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  1. I look at this game a few times. Poor Raven (SC) was looking like y’all Iowa girls didn’t wanna guard me today.

  2. Gabby Marshall is a monster on Defense. She sort of reminds me of Stacey Augmon in his UNLV days.
    Her pursuit and ability to go around screens to catch up to her responsibility is fun to watch. Great hands… reaching over to pester someone she's not guarding, while keeping tabs on them is fantastic. And… Out on the perimeter when she does get blocked out and has to switch up, it's calm, cool , and collected. "Hello 6'5", I guess I'll get in your mix for a minute."
    I do wish she'd pull the trigger on her shots just a little more.

  3. Didn't see Kaitlin Clark do one ring finger gesture. I saw nothing but respect for SC. I didn't catch this game when it was played so I wanted to see where at the end it was being rubbed in SC's face. It wasn't! Total respect for SC! They are a great team and can see how they were 36-0!

  4. There is no way Iowa would not have made shot attempts for three so wide open like that. Completely open, no attempt.

  5. LSU used this game to prepare..

  6. U see how Clark made the gesture towards Raven, and everyone thought it was so cool..

  7. This should have been the Championship game. LSU was a disgrace

  8. This was a different kind of game from Coach Staley. She is usually very animated, very aggressive. She seemed unusually quiet and reserved during this game. Very different coaching behavior from her. It was obvious she had no one who could slow Clark down, but 41 points shouldn't beat you.

  9. I’m so happy they made it they did amazing and Caitlin was a beast!!

  10. Diana: Watching replay of Iowa Women’s Sweet 16 Game. Very exciting so far…. Hawks up by 10!

  11. Have you noticed that Cook played all four quarters with out a rest! No one hadn't said anything about that, but they talk about Clark! It was bad coaching for SC , she should have given Cook a little rest! SC coach had lost their game! When some of her main starters, wasn't pulling their load! Then she should have work her bench. They couldn't played any worse, Cook had needed help! She carried SC. Yes Cook came to play, she just didn't have any help, plus bad coaching!


  13. This is the Strongest Women on the Basketball Game in the whole Countries. And Here Right Comes Brave Ladies.HEY!

  14. Unpopular hot take, but this Carolina team wasn't well rounded and wasn't that great. Coaching included. Their necessity to rely on size would make them the most one dimensional final four team this year except Iowa clearly wins that award.

  15. Love Dawn Staley but she was too relaxed and not in her mode… her team needed that drive… she got out coached this game

  16. Looks like the barfight actually happened.

  17. If you had told me before the game that Clark and Czinano would combine for 59 points, I would have said Iowa had a good chance of winning. If you had told me that South Carolina would win the offensive rebounding by 20, I would have been pretty sure SC would win. Ditto if you told me Clark would be 5-17 on three-pointers. Yet Iowa held the lead for 36 minutes of this game and never trailed by more than one. Every time SC took the lead, Iowa immediately hit a shot to retake the lead. Clark simply dominated play.

  18. This is my 4th time watching this game because it was that EPIC!! Such a great game, instant classic

  19. why dont you upload a high-quality video 1080p?

  20. 6'5’’ Boston and 6'7’’ Cardoso, not mention others like Amihere. How the heck SC gathered so many trollies😂😂😂

  21. Any team (wnba) that would cut monica czonano doesnt understand the concept of bball (blatan ignorance)

  22. Ive never seen so many messed up calls at the end of this game

  23. MCKENNA WARNOCK holding Boston to 8 points is Amazing! WOW!

  24. The production value and quality of these sports event TV broadcasts are off the chart. The sportscasters are top notch, the filming is good. The various segments are very entertaining (team presentation by themselves, various photo shoots and highlight taken from games etc.) This is of the highest quality and frankly only to bee seen in the U.S. So people enjoy coz in most other countries basketball is a minor game barely shown on TV and if by any chance you would have it covered it would be just annoucing the game result late at night with maybe just 2 minutes shown. Not LOL.

  25. My primary issue with Iowa is they used the same game plan against South Carolina against LSU. You cannot let guards walk into uncontested mid range jumpers. There was no Plan B, C or D from Iowa.

  26. NCAA needs to add more time between the semifinal and final of these tournaments. If my memory serves, Iowa had less than 48 hours between this game and the title game. LSU would have likely still won because they played so so well, but it might have been a more entertaining game.

  27. When i watch this, how iowa win. I want to always come back to waching how LSU cooked iowa 😏

  28. I'm so happy that S.C. lost. Nothing against the team. I just cannot stand Staley and her racist big mouth.

  29. South Carolina played tight dawn stales coaching style hindered her team they did not shoot with confidence and Kaitlin Clark is a beast.

  30. Boston failed to crash the boards after taking a 3 on their last possession. Did she not understand the importance?

  31. The Greatest Victory in the 21st Century was this game the women of Iowa defeating the men of South Carolina. Thank You God!

  32. Both teams were 👏👏👏 Caitlin….honey…MVP

  33. I'd like to see more of Marine play, but Sandy knows the match ups and maybe Marine is slightly injured….??

  34. I didn't remember Caitlin missing so many 3's. That happened in the game against LSU also.

  35. Boston: “But I did the same thing all game long against UConn last year! I’m allowed to foul. Why are you calling me now?”

  36. Amazing game! Clark is frickin' fearless…!!! Love her or hate her, can't say she's not the GOAT…

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