Iowa vs. LSU - 2024 NCAA women's basketball Elite Eight | FULL REPLAY -

Iowa vs. LSU – 2024 NCAA women’s basketball Elite Eight | FULL REPLAY

March Madness
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Iowa defeated LSU 94-87 in the Elite Eight of the 2024 NCAA women’s basketball tournament. Caitlin Clark was spectacular once again, leading the way with 41 points in the rematch of the 2023 national championship against Angel Reese and the Tigers. Watch the full game replay here.

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  1. Yay! The anti-US Tigers got their butts whipped! Oh. Is that to harsh?

  2. I’m late watching this but IMO, coach should have made the adjustments & put Flau’ja to guard Clark because Clark was murking them

  3. LSU lost because of fake eyes lashes and probably fake hair and attirude.. distracted them a lot!!

  4. This was a good game. Tbh HVL didn't do much when she could've. LSU could've played better.

    Once again, no ring for Iowa, YAY!!

  5. Gabbie Marshall is the prettiest person in the world in my opinion and Caitlin Clark is my favorite basketball player in my opinions and Hanna Stulke hair is so cute in my opinion and Kate Martin I love her nickname money Martin in my opinion and Sydney Affolters makeup is so very dang good. This is what I think of five Iowa players.

  6. The Color Purple 2023 Caitlin Clark VS Uncle James Washington

  7. LSU being disrespectful by refusing to come out for the national anthem tells me all I need to know about them. I'm glad they lost.

  8. Im gonna miss CC and the GANG!(KM, GM,MD ect). I am fortunate to have watched her absolutely torch teams 4 two seasons. Next stop is the WNBA.

  9. Iowa was such a cute and fun story last year but this years tournament run for them felt so detached and not genuine at all because it’s obvious they were set and rigged to advance all the way to the championship for the ratings and views.. it lacked the magical feel from last year

  10. The evolution of women’s basketball is fantastic!!

  11. Sold out dates 🎉 Shout out to LSU C/O 24 my sister stopped playing ball because she felt it wasn’t an end goal they doing something major

  12. number 24s talon almost ripped martins ear off

  13. Caitlin Clarke carried her team on her back her team only made it to the finals because of her


  15. To all these ladies. There will be wins and losses. Good days and plenty bad days. Foundation was laid out for you and now you have the chance to do the same for the little girls growing up to replace you. Control your life. Carry yourselves as leaders. Many kids 👀 are own you. Respect yourself and others. You are leaders. Your intelligence and abilities is what have made all you great. Not just the look of your bodies. Good luck ladies and get that 💸💰💵. Get it allllllll

  16. Angels a b***.. Caitlyn wasn’t even doing that towards her she was doing it to her teammate. Idk why people like players that act like a straight b*** on the court. Just as easy as you can be on top God can take that all away. She needs to humble herself. It’s crazy the world defends a mean girl 😐

  17. 😅😅😅😅😅 Clark your starting Sid hit the Bench

  18. Can we just appreciate Gabbie Marshall. Her defensive prowess is awesome.

  19. Lady Clark is the beast eating up those Tigress alive

  20. This game was NEVER close. Iowa spanked LSU!

  21. Women’s college basketball is more exciting than even the pro game men or women

  22. Caitlin Clarke…the GOAT!

    WBNA saved from doom by you-know-who.

    Anyone remember Larry Bird?

  23. But there was a foul on Kare. You can see her ear getting hit (was it by Johnson? #24.) The way I saw this game, the calls were not good. The calls were all in favor of LSU.

  24. It was not intentional BUT THE CALLS WERE NOT going for IOWA

  25. Yah!!! "OUTSTANDING CALLS" by the officials for LSU.

  26. So what can the lady commentator say about the 5th foul of Reese? No comment? Because you can see she used her shoulder, hitting Kate right???

  27. I watch this game several times because of CCCCCC

  28. Iowa did not play smart ball down the stretch. They left the door wide open for LSU but LSU couldn't convert. Poor clock management. They got away with it nut they know better.

  29. I feel like Hailey Van Lith always has bruises son her face 😂

  30. What a way to end your college career Reese, getting ejected from a game with 5 personal fouls!

  31. Philippines is watching for ( Caitlin Clark !! ONLY!! You WNBA girls be like?? Or archive d greatness of Caitlin don't get jealouse surpass her greatness !! Copy that!!

  32. LSU scored 31 in the 1st quarter, only 14 in the 2nd. Iowa scored less in the 2nd quarter as well, but they overcame a 5 point deficit to tie the game at halftime.

  33. Reese Doesn't "support" Caitlin's achievements… She Wished she could have her Glory, points, scores, records and endorsements… If Reese is sooo great, how come I've never heard of her ever before..?? I've learned of her existence and the Rest of the WNBA when I became a Fan of Caitlin Clark, No other Reason… Reese is just a "glorified hypocrite"… Don't anyone would like to "know" what goes on in her head when the name Caitlin Clark is heard?

  34. Angel Rees ant growing nothing. Caitlin is growing women’s basketball. Angel is just another boring female basketball player. Caitlin is different

  35. Here from the future hearing the announcer talk about whenever Kate Martin’s playing day are done. Oh if we knew then 😊

  36. Angel Reece was a BEAST in this game. Effective on all angles

  37. If Catlin Clark isn't on the woman's Olympic team, we're not watching Boycott #GO CLARK GO!

  38. Reese have no class, garbage person! 😂

  39. @jimmylopez1625 hace 3 a lcan honestly say this years womeb's men's

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