Iowa vs. Louisville - 2023 NCAA women’s Elite Eight | FULL REPLAY -

Iowa vs. Louisville – 2023 NCAA women’s Elite Eight | FULL REPLAY

March Madness
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Caitlin Clark made history by having the first-ever 40-point triple-double in an NCAA tournament game, finishing with 41 points, 10 rebounds, 12 assists, and a victory over Louisville 97-83 to advance to the 2023 Women’s Final Four. Watch the full Elite Eight game replay here.

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  1. This the game that made Van Lith transfer?🤔🤨

  2. caitlin clark's game is such a treat for basketball fans. all the dumb commentary about race is just noise. let's appreciate the talent, people.

  3. As a European, I just seen my first time this NCAA and I am knoked out of my chair… this girls plays better then most man NBA and Euro League together. This C. Clark is FENOMENAL… But I have to admire that MONIKA CZINANO is WOOOOW… She could became like NIKOLA JOKIC… Just give her a chance to prove that she is a Captain… she has amazing feeeling for the game… all thr best from EU /// London

  4. The 40 points triple double sequence was also filmed from the floor and it was so cute to see her smiling.

  5. Cochran gets punch in the face on a post up 1 minute 36 seconds in.

  6. Pemainnya ada yang jodor😠😠😠

  7. Hallo Indonesia disana American 🤬🤬🤬

  8. why dose it take so long to run the court

  9. The most exciting and hot basketball league

  10. I can see why Haley left Louisville coach was so worried about putting a bottle on her passion, instead of letting her be herself

  11. Never seen a player dominate a game like Clark. Best thing about her is you watch the whole game to see what she'll do next, and so you can see some of the other girl's can play too. She's opened up my eyes to women's hoops.

  12. 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  13. is it just me or why is it that watching ncaa women's basketball is a joy and the wnba feel like getting your fingernails pulled out???

  14. Clark sees like 2 or 3 seconds ahead in the game. Everyone else in real time.

  15. I see this complaining, almost whining demeanor out of Clark all the time. She needs to be instructed to stop this behavior and act a little classy.

  16. My comment comes from a lifelong Hawkeye with 9 alums and a 38-year tenured professor within my family. Clark needs a little class.

  17. I agree she is like Larry Bird in some ways. He may have talked trash with players and coaches, but he never ran around the court waving his arms as if, look at me, give me praise. Larry Bird knew he was great but didn't have to demand acknowledgment. Larry was a team player and accepted praise with his teammates.

  18. Go Caitlyn. I’m glad shes part of the Big Ten, and she beat the ACC.

  19. Its hilarious seeing @1:24:09 Van lith at the end of the game angry at the attention Clark was getting leaving the court for her triple douple & advancing with Iowa the the final 4 = beyond priceless.

  20. Y'all do know woman basketball light as a grape and men's not it's bigger and heavier for the dummies that come pair her to men is a insult

  21. am pufft fans her about Louisville
    li har favorite game about Fans

  22. Yeah the announcer says it has been a nicely called game as 3 people are literally hanging on Caitlin Clark and then call walking on Clark. SMH

  23. You must have to have been born there to say it correctly: Looavul.

  24. Maybe better shooter than pistol Pete

  25. There will always be a STAR that can attract the world in any sport.

    CC3 is the one who turned the spotlights on NCAA womens league.

  26. Clark's persona is fast, wants the ball, shoots anywhere, competes & devil may care!!!

  27. I just caught myself watching CC videos! She’s quite the sensation

  28. re-watching while I am in CC withdrawals and waiting for WNBA season to start

  29. What a fun thing to be able to watch by video, one of the most amazing basket ball players, if not the best of our generation. It is simply flat out FUN seeing her execute.

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