Iowa at Michigan | Big Ten Women's Basketball | Highlights | Feb. 6, 2022 -

Iowa at Michigan | Big Ten Women’s Basketball | Highlights | Feb. 6, 2022

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Naz Hillmon scored 26 points and grabbed 10 rebounds to help lead Michigan to a 98-90 win over Iowa.


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  1. I search for another jumper from CC in this game presummably where the speaker goes like "what did she do, what did she just do ??" I think it was also in that game. I have it in a compilation but without any TV incrustation. Given the jersey colors I can be only be in this game, Wonder why it was not included in this Highlight, it was one the most impressive shots from CC

  2. My gosh who coaches defense on iowa?

  3. As a Michigan fan, I can say that Caitlin Clark is the best player in the Big Ten, if not the country.

  4. Look at Caitlin man, so inspirational mann

  5. I thought it would be a blowout with Iowa not having Warnock or Marshall play…they are so important to Iowa's system. But Clark. 46 points and 10 assists. Congrats to Michigan for the win, but the 25 point 4th quarter for Clark is Insane.

  6. Nah bro how the lakers need to sign Clark and get rid of Westbrook. She a hooper

  7. As a Maryland fan, it's actually nice to see that the rest of the Big Ten is stepping up.

  8. Here from tiktok as a curry fan I’m excited to see Clark play in the future she’s special 🐐

  9. Who should the worst WNBA team draft first overall?

    Clark or Bueckers?

  10. Caitlin Clark is the definition of a stud 💯

  11. Iowa gtfo who next 20-2 #1 country big10 champs unstoppable go blue

  12. Caitlin, trying to will the Iowa team to victory!! This is the bravest thing I have seen for many a year!!! Ms. Clark get your team healthy and keep them that way… Your work is not over… Keep Dreaming and Believing it will Happen for the Hawkeyes!!!

  13. Man this match gonna go viral…. Caitlin was on fire….

  14. Caitlin is incredible and it's not a surprise but Iowa must have a better defense. It's a shame

  15. What a great talent in Caitlin Clark. As a team player you know she'd trade a big personal scoring night for a dub in a heartbeat.

  16. Caitlin Clark is one of the most entertaining players to watch! Pulling up from the logo contested is next level!

  17. Damn. Caitlin had more points than her teammates combined.

  18. Iowa will never win anything with that Bum coach and not playing D, but Clark is the next level. She needs HELP, like what Paige B. now has around her.

  19. Rewatching and Naz is awesome. Her offensive rebounding reminds me of Moses Malone. My teammate misses. I will get the offensive rebound and score and get the and 1. Clark is utterly unguardable but she is streaky as this game showed. Naz is not on that level, but her excellence and her teammates excellence makes me root for Michigan against anyone but Iowa. Their effort to stop Clark was textbook and well executed….I hope their coach tells them that sometimes there is nothing you can do. Go Iowa! And all respect to a tremendous Michigan team!

  20. Can someone explain why no full Iowa games on this platform.

  21. Most of this video you guys just showing Michigan shooting the ball, like give Iowa some credit not just the 4th quarter.

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