Inside the NBA reacts to Mavericks vs Wolves Game 5 Highlights -

Inside the NBA reacts to Mavericks vs Wolves Game 5 Highlights

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Dallas Mavericks vs Minnesota Timberwolves – Full WCF Game 5 Highlights | May 30, 2024 NBA Playoffs


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  1. Everybody Kyrie Irving is the one they hate the most he had good series the one game he played bad is the one they lost that's way he is the villain it's like he was just ok listening to the media he only had one good game he played

  2. Luka is true great white hope 😂. Him and Kyrie man. It like watching him with a score-first version of bron. Their whole team is on point. Honestly might win a couple championships. They look unbeatable. Luka is the face of the nba. I’m not even a mavs fan. I’m a lebron fan 😂..but at this point. You’re hating if you refute Luka’s greatness.

  3. Kenny these are the top 50 players all time top 20 shaq and chuck who you😂😂😂

  4. Rudy couldn't handle Lukas post defense 😂

  5. Luka is good because of his skills obviously but also his mentality. There's a reason he owns the clipps (even with healthy pg and kawhi), owns dbook, and absolutely took over this game. Hes a killer, and kyrie is in that mold as well, along with the overall chemistry, livelys energy, pj and djs consistent fight.. what a solid team

  6. Everyone talking how good MN was when they swept the Suns and came back from 20 in game 7 to beat the defending champs. Then they lose in 5 games in the WCF and now everyone talking like they're the worst team in the NBA and won't see the playoffs for another 20 years

  7. C'mon Dallas fans, act like you've been here before.

  8. i can already see it now

    celtics win? tatum is now the best player in the league. mavs win? the celtics blew it. no cred for luka

  9. OH NO! Not a white guy! 😂😂😂

  10. They should fire the coach. This is unacceptable.

  11. I was wondering why the show felt so right today. Stick to podcasts drey

  12. Anyone else feel like the highlight music was weird? 🤨

  13. Chuck: "at least it was quick and painless"

    Ernie "it wasn't quick, it took 48 minutes" 😂😂

  14. Irving still need to check sell out Shaq and bubble Charles for all that covid sh*t they talk'en! Glad they gone from TV. Goofs!!

  15. Guess all the talk about Edwards was put to rest tonight. I had the feeling that too much pressure was being put on him too early in his career.

  16. That reporter who asks Ant about the Anteater😎🤣😎🔥

  17. Please someone explain what injury blleds from knee except scratch?

  18. kyrie seems more comfortable with luka. maybe luka is less judgie and more good natured than kyries previous peers.

  19. Luka proved all NBA commentators and analysts wrong, including Shaq, Steve and Chuck. At times they had Ant, Shay or Brunson over Luka. At the end he said to all "Маму вам jебем, I'm gonna win this ring and nobody's gonna stop me".

  20. Good win for Dallas. Coaching matters Finch should be released. T. Wolves will not be back next year.

  21. I used to be hockey fan but I have say basketball is a lot more fun to watch. I used to wonder why my kids love basketball and after i became a fan i cant belive i missed out on a lot.

  22. Not at one point the entire series did I see ANT with the ball and get concerned he might score. His defense was good at times terrible at others and the same could be said about his offense, he really just looked mid to get to the point.

  23. Luka and kyrie are carrying the team

  24. Why was Edward’s the only one to leave 😂 this is exactly why he lost he couldn’t even give a handshake n say good job

  25. This is so embarrassing. These guys will never give Luka full credit. Even after a legendary performance. The Wolves weren’t „flat“. They lost against two of the best shot makers of all time. Luka also held people to a very low fg% in 1on1 defense, and they still come with the tired old „white man don’t play defense“. It’s just predictable and tired at this point.

  26. LOL Despite Luka being great and taking this game and series away from the wolves AND winning MVP of the finals Shaq still can't resist saying he had a 'bad game in game 4' when Luka had a triple double lololol Shaq just can't help being a petty hater of Luka no matter what he does, what a chump.

  27. Im just glad the cheating wolves didnt win. It was even better that they got blownout.

  28. Im glad they gave Kyrie some love too. He is Awesome and will have some great leadership in the next series.

  29. Joker's good Friend.. Luka is going to Get a Chip..he's on Fire and can set the Tone for a blowout..or Hit the Game Winner..Dagger

  30. It feels like Luka never really wanted to unleash himself if this is really how unleashable he can be. But it wasnt no game 7 either, so he has that going against him. He could afford to just throw those shots from the logo, plus hes the captain.

  31. There is a fine line between being humbled and being arrogant ant-man, u Are!!! Just like all the other hyped up players settle to being great without proving it!! The twin tower kat and gober are not killers. Just by the first three games son i knew!!! Either u realize the mental fortitude that u need to know that in ballin it is not all about u you its how u cater and make ur boyz better. Be In example all i see is “ i did my thang but in reality no leadership my team just couldn’t keep up” just sayin are u a leader or its for clout Mr MJ DNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If u think u can come back nxt year i need more from you being able to articulate your goals!!! Take a page out of the Swiftly KI-RY than i put CAPS in ur name!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Shoutout to kyrie as well 👏🏾🔥

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