Inside the NBA reacts to Edwards Postgame Interview & Game 4 -

Inside the NBA reacts to Edwards Postgame Interview & Game 4

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Denver Nuggets vs Minnesota Timberwolves – Full Game 4 Highlights | May 12, 2024 NBA Playoffs


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  1. Idc what nobody says this is like watching The Last Dance Doc in real time, get a team around Ant and the chips will line up, Rudy and Kat gotta go

  2. Love that in Ant, he knows he got what it takes and actually shows it on the floor, obviously the Nuggets are a better team and it’s going to be hard to beat them from now but the kid is just starting, there’s more to come from him Big Time

  3. I hate this coach on the real let's go ant man

  4. People so salty with Chuck predicting a sweep. Theyre analyst they have to analyze what they see, he was the biggest supporter of nuggets last yr, he saw same thing all of us see on the first 2 games that Nuggets struggled big time. Only difference is we are FANS, we have to HOPE they win and we have to have faith even with the odds. They shouldn’t be biased, they shouldnt ‘hope’ for a team to win.

  5. My Mililani Opponents were different than your Mililani Opponents.

  6. Love the way he is addressing the situation, calm, professional. Bright young man

  7. That BBQ in the mop & bucket fucked Shaq up. He was like, "HELL NAW!!" I'm sure they use that mop & bucket for nothing else but to baste the meat. At least I hope so.

  8. Hell y’all talkin about?? That’s how you baste bbq! I’m from Memphis. Learned how to bbq in the delta! Clarksdale Mississippi. Two dudes from east coast yelling “naw”. Hell y’all know about bbq??!

  9. These bros look like they growing into old men together

  10. Anthony Edwards showing the difference between Gen Z players and Millennial players

  11. Charles : it takes a team effort

    Also Charles : 6 rings!!!

  12. Minnesota didn't let up, Denver woke up. Best thing that happened to Denver, and the worst thing for the NBA was game 2. Jokic, Murray, Gordon heard all the talking heads out them. Now Shaq can witness.

  13. Has Shaq apologized for his stupid remarks yet?

  14. Ant-man confidence is through the roof and he just lost two games. How are you gonna stop him? His team needs to wake up, and realize what he is saying "well, I love it" in other words "Keep up"

  15. In the last 2 games, Denver has shot wayyyy above their season ave in both fg% and 3p%. That's not happening the whole series. They'll probably come back down to earth in game 5

  16. I wonder if Jamal "believed in this squad" when he threw an icepack on the court?

  17. The hate for Joker and Caitlin is the same.

  18. Jamaal Murray probably should of been suspended 1 game for throwing that towel and heating pad at the ref. If he was out wolves might be up 3-1

  19. Shaq is frustrated with his ex wife and tried to hate on Joker for winning more MVP than him.

  20. Aye the highlight was the mop bbq sauce

  21. At the 40-second mark, Michael Malone makes a point about how they went into Miami and won two games in a row. Yep, there's that.

  22. Ant is Jordan’s son. He looks just like Mike. He’s got Mikes game. He’s got Mikes fire and passion. No doubt Ant is Michael Jordan’s son.

  23. Ant needs to go to Golden state and play with Steph

  24. Shout out to Kenny and Shaq mentioning Travis Knight. He's a UConn legend. ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

  25. I've already given up on T-wolves. Outside of Anthony Edwards playing hero ball, his team are full of pretenders

  26. They need a big like shaq to clamp jokic lol

  27. Ant-man or Jordan imposter who can’t take over games

  28. Shaq: "I know Ant Man's gonna be ready."

    Lil bro has stunk it up twice already, they're gonna have to find a new black guy to promote.

  29. Shaq all you gotta do is say 3 words, which we all have said before-
    I was wrong.

  30. I can’t stand Murray he’s reminds me of drake a little B.

  31. Shaq’s comments are probably some of the dumbest I’ve ever heard in my entire life dude is as an embarrassment to basketball right now

  32. Ppl forget Aaron Gordon was the guy in his career at one point.

  33. Can’t believe the Wolves are about to lose 4 straight ….

  34. AE level of professionalism is impeccable 💯💯💯

  35. Ant's immaturity on full display Kobe would never

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