INSANE Mini Hoop Basketball Game IN OUR NEW HOUSE... -

INSANE Mini Hoop Basketball Game IN OUR NEW HOUSE…

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INTENSE game of mini hoop 21 in OUR NEW HOUSE!!


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  1. Bro pls post last shot again bro I’m waiting

  2. 21 dislikes and 211 comments that's crazy but I just made it 212

  3. I thought he was bouncing yhe ball at the start lol

  4. i love how jordan and alex r actually wearin their hoop shoes

  5. I have the same mini hoop I wish y’all could hang on it to

  6. The basketball shoes inside on a mini hoop is crazy

  7. Bro nice video, but where did you bought the mini hoop?

  8. Yo ur bout to hit a million that's crazy keep up the content gang 🔥🔥

  9. Bro amazing vids but is there a link for this hoop?

  10. Bro Jordan was just getting dunked on 😂

  11. whats the link to that hoop/ where can i find it

  12. i need me the merch!! shit is so hard and video was fire asf

  13. I don’t understand why one of the people playing there score was kept on being flipped

  14. what are the waist dimensions for the sweats? atleast for the medium?

  15. I need to make shorts of you alls tip dunks.

  16. When a beat start playing in the background just know someone bout to get dunked on

  17. bro iam trying to get a mini hoop like that where did you get it

  18. Play Nas stop ducking him I wanna see who the real BGU is but in my mind it’s nas

  19. Y’all already put a hole in the wall I’m dead 😭😭

  20. Bro you need to do another one this was very entertaining…

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