India 🇮🇳 - New Zealand 🇳🇿 | Basketball Highlights - #FIBAASIACUP 2022 -

India 🇮🇳 – New Zealand 🇳🇿 | Basketball Highlights – #FIBAASIACUP 2022

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Enjoy the highlights of the game Group Phase between India 🇮🇳 and New Zealand 🇳🇿 from the FIBA Asia Cup 2022!

#fiba #FIBAASIACUP 2022

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  1. Philippines and India are Brothers
    getting whipped by new zealand

  2. New Zealand and Australia are too good to play in the FIBA Asia Zone 😂 other teams are just playing for battle for 3rd 😂🤣

  3. Kung pinagtutuunan sana Ng pansin Ng SBP Ang ating koponan sa ganitong competition maaaring may laban tau pati sa couching dapat ang mindset manalo di lng runner up. Maging no.1

  4. Indonesia fanboys should not also underestimate jordanians, they gonna need lady luck tomorrow night.

  5. We need string team Ike them to improve asian basketball

  6. Man New Zealand players are built like rugby players they are rough

  7. Indian can not apply cricketing logic in this case because New Zealand always dominate Indian in majority cases in cricket

  8. ハイライト短すぎだろ

  9. Individual talent ay napakahusay ng manlalaro ng GILAS.. pero sabi nga ng nakararami ang problema ay coach.. kapag c chot reyes napaka baba ng assist percentage…! Ang gulo panuorin

  10. 쿤보라고다괴물은아니네 says:

    인도 애들 제대로 농구하면 장난 아니겠네.. 유연함이나 스피드 팔길이가 좋네.

  11. I bet Australia vs Tall Blacks in the Finals✌️🤐

  12. New Zealand will lost agaisnt Philippines because they already have the Best Coach of Asia and his Favorite player the Ravena Brothers who will score 1Piso per game…

  13. 新西兰太强了,第一场比赛就赢了这么多比分。绝对四强球队。澳大利亚,新西兰,韩国,日本,伊朗,中国。

  14. Someday we will beat this New Zealand in Basketball 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  15. India Balik nlng kayo sa street foods Dyan kayo mahusay mabilis mag serve mag luto with no gloves like masala kinakamay

  16. 뉴질랜드가 우승할거같다 높이도 그전보다 많이높고 기량들이 너무 뛰어남

  17. New Zealand and Australia are the best Asian teams in the tournament no one else comes close

  18. Hello pinas vs new zealand matic tambak ddo ni choke

  19. Well I think the HAKA ritual by NZ actually worked out against India. 🤣

  20. Our team always looks extremely sloppy and slow. We got a lot of talent but not enough effort.

  21. extremely embarrasing play by indian team

  22. 1)India 🇮🇳 players don’t put Pressure on opponents through Full Court press
    2)They depend too much on Screens
    and don’t beat their defenders through their Ball Dribbling moves.
    3)Their Turnovers kill them
    4)They don’t Boxout and take Rebounds &
    They don’t double team/isolate opponents best players
    5)They don’t increase their number of shooting Attempts and shooting Percentage…
    Overall the Game quality is really poor and on top the Coach needs to work better

  23. Fearless Forecast: 😁😉🙂
    1. OZ
    2. Persia
    3. Kiwi
    4. Cathay
    5. Tree Flag
    6. Oppa
    7. Nippon
    8. Goat Shoes

  24. Indians are weak in ball handling department. Their team management needs to work on this field. And some of their players look malnourished.

  25. Why is India's players so thin?Is it because I didn't eat?🤣🤣🤣

  26. I dnt why our team can't perform like with very good teams.

  27. The new crop of Indian basketball with the likes of harsh dagar will be in sync in 6-7 years , this lot is way too slow and old skool

  28. What the hell is this , they are definitely not serious, this is not acceptable in india.
    They are embarassing the whole country.

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