Incredible full-court buzzer beater shot wins basketball game -

Incredible full-court buzzer beater shot wins basketball game

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The incredible moment one high school basketball player in Chicago launches the ball across the whole court into the net as the buzzer rings out. The game was being played at Evanston Township High School In Evanston, Illinois. The score was at 44-42 before one of the Evanston players steals the ball and launches it into the opposing basket
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  1. That player at the bottom right of the screen was so shocked that he just stood there

  2. He’s gonna be the most popular kid in school for 3 weeks

  3. 0:19 That one dude thought about jumping off but then he was like nah lmfao

  4. Guardian Sport should know the difference between a steal and a rebound. (description)

  5. What if the free throw went in? That must haunt him forever lol

  6. Why does the description say that he stole the ball? It was a rebound.

  7. Do you know how many times I watched that. That is a dream shot right there and the time and place to do that was just superb😍❤👏


  9. That's got to be the longest game-winning shot in history. He was way back of where Jerry West was when he won a game on a 60% of court shot –

  10. this do be my school though lol s/o blake peters

  11. No i can't watch another video, i need to work….oh its just 27 Seconds, Okay. What i didn't know is that i replay now the Scene many times.

  12. I love how the refs just walk away in disbelief at the end

  13. Bruh, this was litteraly my tream today. We just had a tournament and at the last second in overtime in the championship game, they drain a three.

  14. i love how it gets completly silent for like a split second before the ball goes in

  15. watching the audience celebrate in sync is so satisfying

  16. Imagine making that shot full court then you start running away

  17. I’m the one who made the shot. Because I threw that ball so hard… it made me bald!

  18. He scored then there’s the zombie apocalypse.

  19. I really couldn't tell who the other teams fans were!

  20. I can't hit that thing while standing infront of it

  21. That wasn't full court and it is not incredible. Downvoted for BS.

  22. like a AFL mark and then you have specie's , full court shot becomes mobshot, player mobbed after that shot

  23. You know for a kids game, I expect the kids to be bummed out about losing to a hail mary shot, but why the hell are the parents so bitter. They should be celebrating that miracle of a shot. Parents invest too much of their own ego in something they should just be happy is keeping kids outta trouble and active all the while learning teamwork.

  24. When the kid who hit the free throws realises he’s the side character

  25. I want to have that feeling once in my life.

  26. referees dont care time to leave before the traffic!!

  27. bruh the person that jumped down from the stands killed me 🤣🤣🤣

  28. All the basketball anime he watched came in handy

  29. Moment of silence for the opposing team for this ending up here in Britain

  30. And the impregnation rate in the school quadrupled

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