IMPOSSIBLE SHOTS From Level 1 to Level 100 -

IMPOSSIBLE SHOTS From Level 1 to Level 100

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  1. The Yao Ming backwards shot I also didit

  2. i thought i will see kobe in the back of the rim shot

  3. Nobody is talking when he said “shoot like a girl”(0:53) excuse me??? I’m sure that you no even know how to play💀💀💀

  4. You thought you did something with that falcons comment

  5. Being a Dubs fan, seeing #1 being Steph made my day hehe, tks !

  6. All the shots that he calls the most difficult are just normal shots. Jordan's last shot was a great way to end his career, but my dude, it was just a standard run of the mill jump shot from around 18 feet. It wasn't something crazy or impossible. He had even shaken his defender. Russel lost his footing and almost fell down. So it was a wide open shot.

  7. Devin bookers shot should not have been at 95

  8. Video is bad, commentary is absolutely trash.

  9. The another moment when the Chef did a magic dribbling against 5 clippers to kill with 3P was crazy as well and a #1 play in NBA

  10. Do one team then swech to a notes team

  11. You’re not close at all it is God‘s world

  12. last 3 shots werent impossible. just cluch. u screw this video

  13. I'm not done watching yet but Trae young better be on here!

  14. forget having teamates he is the team caught me lakin

  15. Girls don't shoot graneys or however you spell it

  16. Steven adams make a one hand buzzer biter one hand

  17. Yao Ming is the tallest man from china I’ve ever seen.

  18. I’m confused what’s wrong shooting like a girl ?

  19. The last time i broke someone ankles was today and i made a shot

  20. ⚡️ P R E P P Y P A R A D I S E⚡️ says:

    I live in Oklahoma and from Oklahoma okc was crazy with kd and Westbrook

  21. I’m sorry but I’m not putting Curry’s long range 3 in a relatively meaningless regular season game in February over elimination finals clinching shots from Kyrie or Jordan.

  22. 5:09 he recreated the infamous couch image and hit buckets 😮😮😮😮😮

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