Illinois vs #14 Indiana Basketball Game Highlights 2 18 2023 -

Illinois vs #14 Indiana Basketball Game Highlights 2 18 2023

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Illinois vs #14 Indiana Basketball Game Highlights 2 18 2023
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  1. Brad Underwood is going to be in hot water if Illinois loses 4 of their last five and a first round lost in the big ten tournament rightfully so

  2. A tale of missed opportunities down the stretch. Good game though.

  3. “Miller kopp is getting into that landing area”…yeah when the shooter jumps into him??


  5. Bro, are you fkn serious? This game was fkn Indiana travesty… This is sad. The refs carried this team to a victory… So sad.

  6. I’m a Illinois native I asked my dad yrs ago why the best high school players from Illinois don’t stay home he said it’s been known for a long time that the NCAA doesn’t like Illinois if you want to win a national championship go somewhere else

  7. I don’t know if Illinois got robbed I haven’t seen the game I’m at work but if they did Brad underwood needs to take a page out of Fran Mccaffey and Bo Ryan book and stay on the refs ass rather he’s right or wrong

  8. Illinois fans crying about the refs makes me happy. I was doing the same thing as an IU fan after the Northwestern loss. Every team blames the ref when they lose.

  9. I think woodson aged 15 years in the last 4 minutes of that game.

  10. Surprised IN didn't foul at end. Two very different schools of thought on that topic.

  11. I just had strep throat, so I can understand how painful that is. Anyone know what Underwood was yelling at Epps about? Seemed a bit harsh.

  12. So, is Woodson a good X's and O's guy? I thought that timeout during the free throws at the end was terrible. Used up the last timeout and gave Illinois a chance to set up when they didn't have a timeout.

  13. Another coaching disaster for Illinois with the 3 point offense that sputters. This time a 30% shooting performance that did not get the job done. Disaster of an offense by a disaster of a coach.

  14. Thanks for uploading all these games. I'm an ex-pat living in SE Asia and I don't have access to the games. Nice editing as well.

  15. I think Illinois is going to be extremely tough with Mayer , Goode and TSJ all healthy and on the floor together !!!

  16. What I don’t understand is how the red under the basket called the tech on Hawkins when there was a red staring directly at Hawkins as he turned. I think it was only because TJD got dunked on and they didn’t want to hurt his feelings😢

  17. I don’t think any of the Indiana benchwarmers know how to play basketball, they complain about everything😂Dainja was inbounds on a rebound, and TJD didn’t get fouled, they think everything is going to go their way

  18. Love Big basketball! What a game! Love TJD! Go Blue!

  19. I know from attending Indiana basketball games at Assembly Hall for more than 20 years there is no place more intimidating for a visiting team to play at than Indiana at home games. Go Hoosiers!

  20. The technical on Hawkins was BS, the ref totally missed the foul TJD.. The refs in the Big Ten are a joke no matter who you root for.

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