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I won MVP of Floyd Mayweather’s Celebrity basketball game!!

Jenna Bandy
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  1. The skills are ridiculous! I’ve seen a lot her vids.

  2. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👌

  3. Fuck that these guys took it easy on her they were in on it to make her look good that's coo n all but this ain't important

  4. Jenna I told you was a super star and you have move and jump shot and congrats on the award you won

  5. Jenna nobody cares. You brag way too much. You’re getting annoying

  6. Food thing it wasn't for money you'd still be waiting to get paid

  7. Why doesn't she have a wnba contract

  8. They got Floyd Mayweather out here looking like a Mojave rattler

    if you know you know

  9. Now let’s get her away from the celebrities and mediocre dudes and put her up against real hoopers… we all know the outcome would be completely different

    On another note she’s sexy as hell… which is why everybody is inflating her actual skill

  10. Talk about not knowing how to act like you've been there before…

  11. This dude’s didn’t have no defense at all just let her right through lol

  12. No lie I need a woman like this that play every sport w me 🔥💪🏻🥺🌹

  13. Don’t u have to be good at basketball for that

  14. I would respect your game more if people would play real Defense

  15. She’s definitely a good baller, at least college level is what I see. But more than anything, what was proven here is how bad all of these dudes are at playing ball and some of them probably have pride in their ability 😂

  16. Must be the word celebrity was used loosely

  17. They serious about the free happy meals?👀

  18. I’ll take the happy meals for life, no cap

  19. U made Julian Newman irrelevant w that cross over

  20. There’s like 12 people in the crowd. He made like 155 bucks. Did he fire you and take back is MVP yelling Undefeated Undefeated 😂😂😂

  21. That girl has never followed her shot once.. too thirsty..

  22. Yeah and I'm sure u laid on your back later that night for that MVP didn't you

  23. Bad job having to work out in the morning

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