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I Went OFF At Tyreek’s Celebrity Basketball Game!

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TYREEK’S BASKETBALL GAME WAS SO LIT! ENJOY! PLUS Use code MMG for $20 off your first order! –

wow, you stud – thanks for clicking this video. quite simply, i cant help but notice how handsome you look right now – great job sport. keep up the nice work!


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  1. Papa needs to drop the secret footage of him and his groupie on the orange YouTube 🧡🖤

  2. I didn’t really think you did that good but I guess just because you scored on him doesn’t mean you are great awesome and god tier and don’t even get me started if you played football against him

  3. Soar Dylan that’s the guy from Fortnite

  4. Mans said “and 1 fat cock” in his stats🤣

  5. I actually did guess KC. I mean your with Tyreek

  6. I did in fact say kc Missouri bc the title is talking ab tyreek hill

  7. My man’s got that lil mama at the end😡

  8. After watching how small he appears I’m questioning is 6’5 frame

    He’s probably 6’6

  9. anyone else waiting for emery ti be on the channel?

  10. Emery was in one of his videos as a text message when he is spinning the wheel lol

  11. Bruh… literally like an hour from me. FUCK

  12. The workable bean successively unfasten because deodorant neurologically wait under a windy cannon. supreme, faint fair base

  13. What if I said your mom that can go anywhere

  14. Bruh, how dafuq do you have these connections? That shit is hype. You are living the life. Props, man. 👊🏻

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