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I was at Travis Scott’s private basketball game!

Omar Raja – ESPN
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I saw Travis Scott and Quavo play in their private basketball game!

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  1. I really hope his shooting form doesn't get joked about, it might make him more embarrassed than when he let 9 fans die.

  2. If he ain’t friendly then don’t be friendly. Say nothing

  3. Lmfaooo I’m sorry but my mans shooting form is just funny

  4. Did Travis Scott also give you tickets to his concert?

  5. He can't trust anybody yet involved with the Jenner's n kardashians.umm OK.smh

  6. Travis Scott incites riots that kill people. He should take his millions and eff off.

  7. Good to see not only is Travis Scott easily unlikable, he shoots like he's got cerebral palsy!!!

  8. Why are they acting like Travis is some stray dog who got abused by his old family 💀

  9. I mean dude killed people i would t trust him

  10. He got that rookie Lonzo n Shawn Marion release

  11. Both of them are WNBA bound!!! Live watching these special kids play at recess. Don’t forget that early bell is for you!!!!

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