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I Tried Out for an NBA Team and This Happened…

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I tried out for the NBA G League… and this is how it went!

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I Got Exclusive Access to the NBA Finals!

I Took 100 Shots vs NBA Player and Made ___

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  1. “I’ma do me” 😂 Jesser you’re a cool af man, I’ma sub, your content is fun to watch👊

  2. Jesse why would they recruit you?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  3. if i was the head head couch i would just quit because all of them played amazing and i wouldnt know who to decide.

  4. I love ur vid ive watch them for so long ur my favorite youtuber.Also have a great day.

  5. I play on the bhl ball hockey leage Im the golie

  6. “Alright can you please say I’m the best player in 2hype for the vid”

  7. These are all YouTuber tournament awards with other bum YouTubers that is not an NBA TEAM😂

  8. Jesser man I respect you we all have been there

  9. When Jesser came out, he put to make a Dunk!!! Smile😂🔥🏀

  10. Let's go Jesser!!! On ur way to the league. Just put in the work!

  11. The thing that made me know that he didn’t make it was that he was wearing a Lakers shirt in the studio 😂

  12. if you did not get fouled I know you would make the NBA.

  13. Is it me or does he have a similar build to: Jamal Murray, Norman Powell luquentz Dort, Reggie Jackson, Marcus Smary and Buddy Hield?

  14. ?what championship did eric bledsoe win lol

  15. I'm watching this before my basketball tryout lmao

  16. You can tell Jesse’s favorite sport is soccer

  17. John 3:16 For god so loved the world he gave his only begotten son that who shall ever believe in him shall not not parish but have everlasting life Amen

  18. At least you got in the same team with the best range shooter😅

  19. Ask Eric Bledsoe if he knows ryan riley from parker

  20. Jesse u should try again bc u we’re putting bodies on people honestly just don’t give up fam

  21. I am impressed. You really played well out there! Well done!

  22. Thanks for all the love on the video! I’m going to have a lot more NBA content this upcoming season so make sure to 🚨Subscribe 🚨

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