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I Played in the NBA Celebrity Game and This Happened…

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I was lucky enough to be invited to the NBA celebrity game and you know I’d try everything to get MVP.

I Got Exclusive Access to NBA All-Star Weekend!

I Tried Out for an NBA Team and This Happened…

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  1. Did Jesser say that he stripped the Miz?

  2. I think this game really showcased WNBA talent 😂

  3. Jesser your a legend for being able to film this😂

  4. This commentary was better than the all star game

  5. Hello, ia m from pakistan. How pakistani students get scolarship on basketball base in us.anybody tell me.

  6. I hope u go to the celebrity game next year so u can get a fire pregame fit

  7. @Hard-Edits To being fouled out in that celebrity game😂💀

  8. Can I please have your box I’m a big fan please Jesse

  9. When some one’s taking a free throw,
    Throw your arm up trust me 😅

  10. Yo Bro btw what is your position while playing that game?

  11. Jefferson had to be hot in the commenter, ref, and Jersey

  12. I'm 15 year old height 1.95 and I'm goona try one day

  13. Good job jester I wish I could make it to that level

  14. Thats a life moment right there, a big life moment

  15. What if you had Giannis shoot the three’s

  16. Lucky you…for not being a sportsman. You are not the kind of guy to become a sport man. Better be youtuber

  17. No wonder why jefferson was apart of the other team

  18. “You see this CoAt” nice voice crack😂😂

  19. Ur my fav YouTuber ever❤ keep up that hard work. Ur a legend my boi. (Ps pin so I can brag on my friends it would mean a lot)

  20. Bruh jesser inspires me to play backetball

  21. My guy turned Into game 7 Kevin looney 😂😂😂😂

  22. You are a legend and my favorite youtuber

  23. I find it funny how the WNBA wants more money but there “best players” can’t even compete against a bunch of YouTubers and celebrities and shit in a all star game…just sit down and get your 5k crowd hyped

  24. People who not good don’t know who a good player is

  25. You fouled out cuz you were trying and nobody else was so they needed you

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