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I Played 5 Basketball Games You’ve Never Heard Of…

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Today I played 5 Basketball games that you have probably never heard of…

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Shoutout to Iron Pineapple for the idea, he did this with souls games:

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Simulated using NBA 2K22

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  1. I’ve actually played the Olympic basketball before

  2. Can you pls do a team all Luka Doncic players so ee can see how they would do? Since you did trae young you should also Luka

  3. Pba slam is popular in the Philippines HAHAHA ty for content like this

  4. The pba one is the closest to better version of nba jam on my opinion

  5. Score a three with Julius Randle in every 2k he has played

  6. As a Filipino, I'm kinda offended that you called the PBA SLAM DUNK GAME is never heard of. It's like the NBA JAM of the Philippines.

  7. Smequle That Version Of PBA Slam Is A Arcade Edition Thats Why Its Bad Search It On Mobile And U Will See 10Million Downloads.

  8. I have challenge for u hit a 3 with every rookie in this class

  9. Regular Human Basketball is a party game. You need at least 4 people to play it.

  10. I think everyone knows about sonic in the olympics, but the other ones…yeah I don’t think a lot know about those

  11. Play barkley shut up and jam gaiden
    any b-ball fan must play it at least once

  12. Fun Fact:I Create a Player in PBA he is Lucky T. Timo who's averaging 69ppg

  13. Me and my friends play Regular Human Basketball all the time it’s so funny

  14. As a Filipino I'm kinda triggered and honored at the same time because he called PBA Slam a "nobody", which is real because Philippine basketball sucks, but we still love it.

  15. I played Tokyo 2020 Olympics and changed all of my characters to Sonic to

  16. Is basketball in the olympics mixed sex or is it just part of the game lol.

  17. As a filipino i am delighted to see some Foreigner playing the game that filipino develop

  18. Did i just see a sonic do the griddy after doing a perfect release

  19. the pba thing thats phillipines basketball association and i live in the philipines

  20. I've played that and I beat every single player

  21. The Philippine Slam sucks, just like the PBA.

    Coming from a Filipino.

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