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I Made a Mini Basketball Game Using a Real Basketball Backboard

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Hello, Friends! Do you love basketball as much as we do? But, unfortunately, you don’t have the chance to play it? If you are stuck at home because of bad weather, or someone broke the basketball backboard and now you have nowhere to play, then we have the perfect solution for you! homemade mini basketball game that’s just as exciting and challenging! We’ll show you how to make a simple game, but which will help you pass the time, and compete with your friends! Join us to see how we make this game!
First, we set about refurbishing a damaged basketball backboard, meticulously removing the excess tape and ring attached to it. Then, we carefully carved out the necessary components, smoothed them down by sanding, and consolidated them with glue to form a sturdy base. Our next step was to disassemble a radio-controlled car and salvage the parts we needed. Additionally, we repurposed a syringe, disassembling it, trimming it down, and inserting some wire into it. These components, along with wires from the machine, were integrated to form a unified mechanism designed to move the basketball hoop. After, using a combination of wire and string, we crafted the hoop, securing it to our device. We constructed the court floor using popsicle sticks, lining the edges with tape for a neat finish. Adding a touch of realism, we designed a wall to resemble a brick enclosure. Our final phase involved the creation of a device for shooting balls into the ring. Now, with all components ready and in place, we have a new, dynamic game to play!
Did you like our idea? Give us a thumbs up and write in the comments – what is your favorite sport? Also, show this video to your friends and basketball fans, we are sure they will like it! And check out our other videos:
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