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  1. Start with layups bro and form shooting because you suck

  2. A other way to get better is to use the back bored it helps more than u think!

  3. I'm also terrible at basketball thats why I don't play basketball but I'm really good at dribbling. I can run while dribbling walk and jog

  4. Ok if you didn't know aim and try to hit the box on top of the net

  5. I bet u won't able to beat me( I'm 12 btw)

  6. I hate it when people who doesn't ball tries to practice basketball. I mean, for god's sake people who calls themselves "baller" are already bad enough, can u imagine how bad someone who doesnt ball is?

  7. something that could help is aim for the square

  8. And ,gotta say something ,try and try until ur done

  9. Its not something that takes a day to learn

  10. You can’t learn how to play basketball In one day lol

  11. That last shot didn't even go I as he was saying he got the hang of it "making shot after shot"

  12. Why was I acting like Isaiah yesterday when I was paying basketball I said the exact same things 🤔🤔🤔

  13. I have a challenge for you you have to put tinsel Warheads in your mouth a sour liquor Warhead juice hot sauce wasabi and orange juice with ketchup eat it all up sour challenge

  14. I already know how to basketball for the past few years🤣😂

  15. You did not learn basketball you just made a couple shots

  16. Hey Isaiagh, the are different types of hoops, that one is double rim do its harder,

  17. you have to go next to the white sharp bit then jump

  18. Bro I am lit 9 years old and I am best basketball player like in the whole school or just in my class

  19. First time playing basketball don't play on the a double rim it makes it harder to shoot

  20. Jesus loves y’all. He is waiting for you. Jesus died so you don’t have to. And wants to save you.❤️ for

  21. My sidter facing the net 3 feet away some how makes go 20 feet away from the net me crushes her 56 to 2

  22. I think that's a double rim and those suckkkk to shoot in

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