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I Hosted a 1v1 Basketball Tournament For $10,000

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I have a huge video for you today, I hosted a $10,000 basketball tournament in my backyard!

I Hosted the Worlds Greatest Dunk Contest

$10,000 NBA All Star Challenges!

Thanks to @Moochie + @CashNasty for joining me in the video!

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●Edited by @Joelemz + Feddy ()
●Filmed by @Travis Fukumoto & @Matthew Gonzalez

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5627 Kanan Rd #608
Agoura Hills, CA 91301

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  1. I fully expected the younger, more athletic guy to win that final. But he kept leaving him opening for the stand still 3. That is a mistake against anyone who is experienced in 1v1 where you always start top of key.

  2. Why Cj and mike wanna bully all the small guys but when they go against each other all they wanna do is shoot 🤦🏽‍♂️

  3. Good job on 8 million subscribers, hope you keep on thriving

  4. we all knew inside it was gonna be mike vs cj final

  5. Old head was cookin the shit out them Niggas 😂

  6. we need a part 2. i haven’t even watched it yet but from the first few clips i already know it’s about to be good

  7. SOOOO many offensive fouls by CJ 🤣

  8. The was incredibly entertaining. I could watch this all day.

  9. So the lesson here is size matters more than skill, love the barf and the bad defence by 1st place

  10. when he said CJ I thought Carl Johnson would come

  11. Vous êtes nul je vous bat tousse et bonne année a tousse mes chéri

  12. The amount of times he said that’s tuff

  13. CJ got lucky with those last hoops ngl. Mike should’ve won. He deserved it. Just saying.

  14. Good sportsmanship from every player in this vid! Love to see it

  15. My name is Ethan but I'm really good at basketball

  16. This was too fire 🔥that big guy went from bully ball shaq to top of the key hot spot babyyy💥

  17. So you the one then chewing me on for the basketball court okay on the game to 19 huh okay I'll try my hardest to go better

  18. cj really just had that grown man strength

  19. Just goes to show if someone was a pro hooper at any point, they are always a step above even the best street or college hoopers, no matter the age

  20. Mike doesn’t even try if he tried he would be in the nba

  21. The fact they have a girl ref and boy ref

  22. Basketball 🏀 is i so lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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