I Got STITCHES in my first Official Basketball Game *INJURY WARNING* - bestfungamesll.com

I Got STITCHES in my first Official Basketball Game *INJURY WARNING*

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I joined a basketball league alongside Bucketsquad and documented our journey as we attempt to make play offs!

I Played in the NBA Celebrity Game and This Happened…

Guess The Secret NBA Player ft. Giannis Antetokounmpo

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  1. Were you actually playing Michael Jordan cause if you did thats insane I would beg to play him lose or win I wouldn't care I would've played the legend

  2. You know this happened to me too I play baseball and first game of the season brand new team I was at catcher and got hit with the bat and broke my thumb all the way through and it’s still healing 5 more days

  3. We need to keep this going i need to see!!

  4. They got an extra point after halftime lay up 😂

  5. Jesse, I love the mentality you have to become a pro if was the coach you'd be dropping 30 a game, keep it up!

  6. Jesser I also had to have stitches when I was three and now I'm ten so I know how you feel

  7. Bro Jesse you are amazing at 🏀 have a great season😎

  8. We all love seeing these kind of videos lol I watch these while I’m eating and it fits so well because ur so funny 😂

  9. Please keep this series foing. It’s been on of the best things that I have watched from a YouTuber.

  10. This series is so great please continue it

  11. “Little clap master” – Jesse just stares blindingly. 23:50

  12. This is the best series of basketball I have ever seen

  13. My parents have to read that book for my basketball

  14. Hey jesser does Stitches Hurt
    let me know

  15. Am I the only one who realized he said a men's league and on game 3 idk about that

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