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I Dunked on Lebron James!!

Duane Shoots Toys
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I used some NBA Starting Lineup action figures from Hasbro to create a 1/12 scale diorama of myself dunking on Lebron James


  1. You should make a machine thingy that puts the suit on for you!

  2. “Wait does he actually şħöôť toys?

  3. Ie that the Jayson Tatum dunking on lebron picture

  4. Bro said he not very tall he can nearly dunk it withoutwithout jumping

  5. Can you make me as a Basketball player

  6. Just buy vicktry soles. Work smarter not harder

  7. He can really dunk but his vertical is low

  8. 3yrbzkzjqehcuxkdbdf8frdzkzbssbsbdbrvege

  9. Bro just go to a trampoline park and Dunka basket

  10. You’re so trash it does not know who he just took out that Giannis Antetokounmpo

  11. Him and I shoot toys

    Quite kid i shoot people

  12. Bro that rim has gone through it before 💀

  13. He’s like 6’3” “not that tall” 💀

  14. Bro can lift the the almost up the net and he not tall bro just work on that very you will be good

  15. What did you use for the court design but I want one for Stephen curry

  16. Bro can dunk no matter what u like 6,9

  17. Why didn't he stand on Giannis then he could dunk

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