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“I Didn’t Think They Played Championship Basketball” | The Inside Guys Discuss Warriors’ Game 4 Win

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The crew gives their thoughts on Golden State’s narrow win over a Grizzlies team without their star player.

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  1. They beat them by 30 with morant last game….

  2. I love Chuck but sometimes he has some nonsensical takes, Adams isn’t a difference maker in this series, get real…

  3. Memphis played well but u gotta feed Adam's the ball he opened all the time or have a smaller dude on him you know how many times you miss him when they got Poole on him klay like that easy money and put the shooters in foul trouble u gotta eat on the mismatch he can be dropping 40 easy in the paint

  4. Warriors played championship basketball during the last 60 seconds. That was enough for the win.

  5. look how popular this show is, what a great job these fellas do, more jokes! NEED MORE JOKES!

  6. Thank you Chuck I said in the beginning of the series, why caveman Adam haven't been at the 5 and have jackson at the 4.

  7. 2:12 yeah that attempt cost the game what was Jackson Jr. thinking? smh I swear some players are paid off to throw the game.

  8. They still outebounded Memphis. So Steven Adams really made no difference.

  9. 5:46 Chuck has been saying a lot of questionable things lately 🤣🤣👀👀

  10. Man, it's like it's only the warriors that can not have a bad game? Come on man, I think it's impressive to have won the game at your worst.

  11. Funny how Chuck said GSW isn't playing championship level ball, from a non-champion himself, that statement has zero to little credibility. 😂

  12. Warriors need to cut Klay Thompson or at least DNP bench him

  13. The Warriors played championship basketball in the sense that ….. they clearly KNEW that they weren't at their best to start the game. they knew their shots weren't falling. they knew that they were a lil reckless with turnovers. they knew their communication/reads were off. just about everything they do on offense was out of sync. ALL NIGHT LONG. but, they were gritty on defense, and their defense kept Memphis close enough for their offense to finally flip a switch and do ENOUGH to steal a game that they very well should have lost. Champions DO do that too.

  14. and Memphis is down 3-1 in NO small part because Golden State has outrebounded Memphis in ALL 4 games. going into this series … there is NO way anyone would have expected Golden State to outrebound Memphis for the WHOLE series.

  15. Chuck always on point. Two big men lineup was great for Memphis

  16. Chuck said Steph hasn’t missed a FT since the Clinton administration 😂😂😂😭💀💀💀

  17. Jaren Jackson should have pump faked. Plenty of time on the clock.

  18. If Golden State wins the NBA Championship this year I ain't watching no more end of the question…🙅

  19. And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord Jesus will be saved.

    Acts 2:21

  20. Winning more games than your opponent is the very definition of championship basketball. Chuck has never been there, he wouldn't know. Losing pretty is Chuck's legacy. Looks like the same for C Paul.

  21. Morant isn't even the best player in the team…they would've lost with that overhyped trashbagian.

  22. They played against a wounded animal. Desperate. Memphis defense is to be credited for their effort. Its hard to keep up that defensive intensity for 4 quarters. Steph pulled it out. Mike went 2 out of like 28 against the heat in the 90s still won the chip. Relax.

  23. It's nba championship, not world championship. I know it's the best league with the best players but still, the states are not the center of the world. And , just saying, none of the three candidates running for mvp were americans

  24. I think Memphis without ja is much better matchup against warriors especially on defense

  25. Let's not forget how well Memphis played for a long stretch in the regular season without Morant. They know how to win without him.

  26. Chuck be hating on the warriors still😂

  27. Sorry coach, but your team only played 47 minutes not 48 🤣😂

  28. When klay gets back blah blah blah klay is straight trash. 0-7 dude stop taking 3s you’re awful

  29. The only way for Golden State to lose is if they miss shots that's it they shoot too good will you two shut them down with your own offense so you have to play really good defense or hope they miss a lot of shots

  30. Warriors’ fans will never acknowledge the difference Adams would’ve made in this series, Chuck!

  31. That’s the worse basketball game the Warriors played…I thought i was watching my neighborhood pick up game…Memphis just didn’t take advantage and that’s just as bad

  32. They played smart and lazy game 4 but the warriors will definitely win game 5 take a well needed rest and get ready to travel to Phoenix

  33. Chuck always wants to see a brawl, pro wrestling style.

  34. Waited too late? Memphis were leading all game

  35. Klay has been looking desperate, throwing anything up! Bad decision making. Get it together Klay, pass the rock if you don't have a good shot!!

  36. Ja is a garbage dump. How you sit out a game? You lose by 3!

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