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I BUILT A Full Indoor Basketball Mini Hoop COURT!

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For the first time ever, we have a full court mini hoop arena! We built the mini hoop court inside my new Bucketsquad house! We tested it out with some epic dunks and fastbreaks. It is reinforced and Mopi approved!



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  1. Poor mopi’s getting Dunked the hell on

  2. What is that hoodie Jesse is wearin in the intro

  3. This court it my dream.

    See what youtube can get you kids

  4. now we know how the court was broken from his most recent vid

  5. You just could've bout a warehouse and made a court there

  6. Jesse’s minihoop vids before this house (about 6 years): 32

    Jesse’s minihoop vids in this house (3 months): 14 AND COUNTING

  7. Your moving out your moving out 2hype house im just kidding jesser

  8. Jesser you're so good at basketball I am a kid

  9. Makes an NBA roster he might just be the greatest big man of all time

  10. Anyone remember when jesser wasn't pretty much a kids channel

  11. Really hard to beat a white guy in basketball

  12. Jesser where did you get the hoops from please tell me

  13. When you realize Jesser now owns multiple houses

  14. Imagine being a kid member of the 2hype house😏

  15. Did anybody notice at the videos exactly 10 minutes long

  16. Zack dunks Ofer Kris on the fridge it says Fat chicken

  17. Not gonna cap, I miss the 200 pound machine

  18. Hey I was playing basketball on my of my basketball room on the door and I was playing with my mini but I didn’t play with the rear wheel bowl comes with the room so I just have to play with my mini bull

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