Huge New Basketball Game Launching In Crypto? -

Huge New Basketball Game Launching In Crypto?

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  1. This guy holds pulsechain but won't talk about it. Make no mistake pulse is going to be better than any project he mentions here by Dec 31st 2022

  2. Come on everyone jump on board!!

  3. What’s your Twitter bro? Did you make new one?

  4. Hoge is the greatest defi token of all time.

  5. Lambo used to make a 4×4, THAT is the one I would get.

  6. Sentiment towards chainlink after their video about staking is showing… to $100 by March! Watch

  7. What do y’all think about chain link I sold recently but was wondering if there are other cryptos that will give me more return in the long term

  8. Pancake swap is awesome for yield farming 🚜 people interested on crypto long term should be harvesting more crypto massive apy% easy to use

  9. Raydium gets my vote. 100% best AMM.

  10. 🎼 RELAX MUSIC FOR MIND & BODDY ☯️ ॐ says:

    Flambos are for children who never bonded with their parents. Pitiful.

  11. What platform is the best to buy xrp on??

  12. I wish you guys would do a follow up interview with Richard Heart. Why hasn't this happed yet?

  13. Can you please do a video review on united farmer finance DAO

  14. Glad to see nobody is talking about Kadena or ELON. Both are last years Solana and SHIB.

  15. Proton XPR will outperform each of these

  16. I would like to see a video about HashEx and their audits that they conduct for projects.

  17. Gday mate, Oi did u say neklevel if u did, fkn high5🤚🏼

  18. I want to know ,,if shiba will not grow up..l ll sell..and buy another coein.. thanks 🙏♥️

  19. Shiba when will be grow up??♥️🙏

  20. I have shiba ,, but i bought it in 0.000046…im non in benefit 😭

  21. TRIAS will supercharge in 2022 low MC low supply faster than them all

  22. Getting in on lots of your suggestions and they are doing well

  23. Will you show us any more gems like last video?

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