Huge New Basketball Game Launching In Crypto? -

Huge New Basketball Game Launching In Crypto?

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  1. Gems I want more gems like the cats one

  2. Joined your telegram and dont regret it bro!

  3. This project looks to me like its trying to pump and dump no?

  4. Do a review on Ethereum's price I want to know your thoughts

  5. Can you please do a video on xrp im begging

  6. Saw a nft project rug the other day and lots of people were apparently getting the nft name tattoed on them lol

  7. Going to cover anymore projects that might be scams?

  8. Loved your bitcoin video dude, please do more

  9. You know youve made it when people hating on you in comments lmfao

  10. Will this hit the moon haha? 🌙 Might have to buy if so…

  11. Not getting in this project, looks bad sorry.

  12. ~Naughty taetae_🥀 #Can i reach 560 subs says:

    Nope not a project for me

  13. Why s many project with anon team? Do kyc

  14. Watching you while buying bitcoin at same time haha

  15. You should start doing livestreams like bitboy, your getting up their already!

  16. Saw your tweet on this project and had to view!

  17. Loving the videos man keep it up! From ontario canada here!

  18. Wow, couldnt have done a better video on them, looks really good

  19. Watched your video lastnight at work and my boss thought I was watching a tutorial on how to use my computer lmao

  20. How much have you made from crypto this year?

  21. This game is a real gem, look at the supply and the actual market cap, in a few weeks the token 🚀🏀

  22. After a successful investment, you have nothing to worry about, whether the rise or fall of economy or anything won't affect it, Make your future bright, by making good investments! Wondering if viewers here are familiar with Erica Denise Melissa's strategy?

  23. there's a glitch with pair btc/eth almost x6, i posted a video

  24. SNK 300x small market cap NFT Game Great Project and great potential for %++

  25. Basketball + game + money!! I'm in!! Go to the moon!!!

  26. The best project!!! Basketball Legends 🚀🚀🚀🚀

  27. I'm into this game for sure, 12 players and 2 coaches.

  28. Great project: thoughtful devs who listen to the community, running smooth, fast to play and cheap to get in! BBL is moon!

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