HUGE Fight Breaks Out At SHAKER VS. BRUSH Basketball Game | Backup Was Needed!! Halftime Gets Crazy! -

HUGE Fight Breaks Out At SHAKER VS. BRUSH Basketball Game | Backup Was Needed!! Halftime Gets Crazy!

Sanders Twins
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This game was Insane! There was all types of Chaos at Halftime. (Watch till the end)

(YNW Melly Event)
Due to Circumstance and issues out of our control, the YNW Melly event was canceled due to his situation..This was very unfortunate and completely out of our control as we received a call from his management team 2 days prior to the event, informing us the bad news.

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  1. This is what happens when you don't have a male parent in the household.

  2. I'm dead asf to much happening at the same time 💀💀😭

  3. You could tell they're always stuck in the house because of the parents soon as they see a fight outside they go crazy

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  5. I bet TV stations 3,5,8, and 19 were all over this news story.
    They might have hyped this up before their newscasts with " Big fight at high school basketball game, more on this at 11(10 on FOX 8).

  6. I was beginning to think the National Guard would be called to this game.

  7. Was waiting to see an actual fight…then the video ended and still never saw one. Nice clickbait

  8. My survival instinct would have kicked in and I would ran to when I seen others running.
    You don't have to fastest just not last out.
    LoL my instincts woulda been let's roll out of here
    (Even though I know that makes it more chaotic!)

  9. Yo keep posting shit. Yall have good charisma on the camera

  10. Do they have there own language? They know nobody with a education understands anything they are saying right? Clowns.

  11. My god that fake excited voice is soo annoying

  12. They called the game off cause people can't behave, and others just encourage it.

  13. Well what can i say bro. A lot of them are just tripping for nothing!!! Tsk shame shame.

  14. that's like 8 cops for one basketball game jeez

  15. Nah if I see people running im right behind them and then im asking questions later lol

  16. How are you going to see an entire mob of people running and not runn???????

  17. Holy shit. That just seeing that online gives me anxiety.

  18. No you just cant put more then 10 black people in the same establishment at the same time. Its not racist , its not stereotyping, its 💯 facts. Who do black people hate more then they hate white people ? Thats right its other black people. Big ole facts

  19. Look at them jumping and encouraging violence 🤦🏻‍♂️

  20. so we just finna act like this dude at 1:35 didn't just miss that bad?

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