HUGE FIGHT Breaks Out After Trash Talker Did This... 5v5 Basketball! -

HUGE FIGHT Breaks Out After Trash Talker Did This… 5v5 Basketball!

Tristan Jass
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I can’t believe this actually happened…

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  1. 9:15 So does #14 not like to take wide open layups and prefers to pass to a guarded man when hes wide open underneath the hoop….🤦‍♂️

    And now he just threw a little hissy fit and kicked the curtain. #14 is sus

    And now at 15:58 he has another…..I dont know what you would call it…..I guess a “pass”

    16:23 Alright now hes doing patter feet while the dudes shooting a free throw. Who the f*ck is this dude #14. Hes a goober. What a barney. Get that dude off your team

  2. I mean that dudes not wrong. Triston does carry a lot

    16:05 definitely not a travel by Tris, now they are just complaining and getting frustrated because they’re losing

  3. My guy, dont act like your team wasn’t to blame at all for how that started. the guy guarding and tripped Triston was walking away from Triston and #23 on white came running in and got up in the face of who was guarding Triston. So everyone got up in everyones face after that. Thats where it should have ended and its 50/50 blame at that point. Then guy in red and the black dude in white started pushing each other in the face. Whoever hit who in the face first is to blame because thats not cool. I couldnt see who did it to who first. The big white guy on white (who got punched/kicked) jumped on the back of the guy in red, the guy in reds boy jumped on the tall white guy on white.

    The one person who is really f*cked up is the guy in red. To LITERALLY kick someone when they’re down is such a POS move. Theres a reason theres a saying “you dont kick someone when they’re down”. That one of the biggest spineless POS moves to ever do. First of all the guy in red shot like 1 for 30 in the game and then starts a fight and kicks someone in the head they’re down. Hes the biggest POS. Thats assault with a deadly weapon in my state (and maybe all 50 states) when you kick someone in the head with shoes on. Kid from my school went to jail for that because they call the shoe a deadly weapon technically.

  4. Rescue squad always has to come and show up and try to get that medical bill money and that $1200 ride for an ambulance that goes a quarter mile down the road. They love sending you that medical bill even if you dont end up taking an ambulance. Its f*cked up.

    I remember the cops said I HAD TO take an ambulance even though I said I was fine and I had no medical insurance and then they sent me $1200 bill just for the ambulance. I was so f*cking pissed off because I obviously didnt have the money for that and I said I didnt want an ambulance and dont need one and they forced me to take one and sent me a bill. Years later I heard from a police officer who was my friend that said sometimes they send 2 ambulances on purpose just say they can bill you twice. God bless America and their healthcare!😩 (I still love America though but the healthcare is f-ed up but I’m not smart enough to know how to fix it without sending more of my paycheck away because I already send half my paycheck away already in taxes, not to mention then I give away more money in taxes every time I buy something after I already gave money in taxes before even getting my paycheck…)

  5. Tommy was just trying to hold the guy back from fighting and his boy try’s to jump him from behind then red shirt turns around and kicks him on the floor tf bro????

  6. Gotta give um credit….at least the weren't pulling 9mm out of duffle bags.

  7. The other team got mad because they sucked and were getting their ass handed to them!

  8. I would be banning the loser in the red singlet. If you watch him closely he is the first to take swings and lose his head. He also is the one that kicks guy when he is down.

  9. Can’t stand people who play like this. This y I never do pick up games in the neighborhood. People wanna play like a scouts watching or like it’s football.

  10. They got mad they were getting whipped by white guys lol

  11. Hopefully charges were filed against #3 in green (for the cheap shot punch to the face ) and the guy in red (for the kick to the head when the guy was on the ground). Punks

  12. Field goals: 21%
    Possessions complaining to refs: 100%

  13. So many people just watching their boy get punched and kicked on the ground smh. Grow some fuckin balls and defend your dude


  15. 😭😭😭😭😭 boy was running for his life

  16. The ref walked off like I ain’t got time fa dis

  17. Punches being thrown…
    :08 stretching on the ground lol

  18. There’s another white kid in Georgia that’s in the hospital right now with his jaw wired shut because he played with black people… Not a good idea

  19. The other ref was like “hell nah i don’t get paid enough for this shit ”😂

  20. Bunch of losers hurting good people…should never play against @$$#oles!

  21. Basketball players always think they can fight for some reason lol

  22. I knew he was cool when I saw his Jersey on backwards

  23. Lmao those old washed up dudes in the green jerseys and red shirt took 2 L's that day from the youngins.

  24. 23 started all of this…. he pushed the guy who tripped the blonde dude cause the green jersey pushed him…. he tried to lie at the end and say someone pushed him into dude, I watched 4 times…. You started all this fool

  25. Dude with the black tights and gray shirt was tired five minutes in the game

  26. Good job being the bigger team fellas 👏. Those other guys have the mentality of 10 year olds.

  27. Whoever “I’m wit that shit is” did absolutely nothing.. that is all

  28. FILE CHARGES .. on those culprits.
    If found GUILTY ( obviously)
    They could GO to JAIL
    It will FOREVER be on their PROFILES…

  29. How stupid ? No 1 wants to see a video like this ! Maybe the last video I watch of this Tristan dude Pitiful !

  30. So who's the dude in the red? We deserve a good old witch hunt.

  31. It does seem like there’s a lot of carrying and traveling when I watch these videos form is definitely out the window, LOL

  32. 123 family Then you'll let your partner get kicked in the face punch your pussies

  33. Stay off the court if you can’t handle getting played, they’re some trash especially dude in the red

  34. It was ”just basketball” until No. 23 on the white team started to go after and bump the grey shirt guy, who was just trying hard to stop the dribble, but failed. The “criminal-like” behaviour started when No. 5 on the white team threw the first punch. The rest of the fight was simply a natural consequence of this mishap. It looks like the charges should be on maybe No. 23 and definitely No. 5 of the white team. It is difficult to assign the charges after a brawl starts. Everyone who has a body contact of some sort with others during a brawl can try to claim a self defense.

  35. Y'all ppl in comments acting like dunno what's going down, lack ppl & their deeprasism. Weak up non lack ppl.

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