HUGE FIGHT Breaks Out After Trash Talker Did This... 5v5 Basketball! -

HUGE FIGHT Breaks Out After Trash Talker Did This… 5v5 Basketball!

Tristan Jass
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I can’t believe this actually happened…

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  1. Just imagine if the shoe was on the other foot…

  2. When you are a looser and do not have enough skills to win the game, than this happen…

  3. your life….what you do…….make dumb ass stuff up to get views of f stuff, just for $, you could actually go to school, produce something, write a book? something, be somebody , not a ball rat until your cant….LOL…I was a ball rat…it was fun, I want nearly as good as you… was fun, I didnt get rich…a ball Rat…im impressed

  4. In France if u kick a man on the floor in the head everybody kick u ass!!!

  5. I could say a lot about the fighting but I'll hold my tongue. 🙄 As always, well done Tristan and team! 🏀

  6. This was so uncalled for,…but I love that Jon wasn’t takin’ any shit! Lol,… I love Jonny!!!

  7. I would’ve been swinging when they yelled look at the carry

  8. He not with that once the cops get here

  9. Looked staged. You poor rich white wamnabees. This channel is soft

  10. That dude in the red/orange tank top needs to get his ass clapped in prison.

  11. 18:30 you can see #15 put his hand on #23 and push him into the guy who got tripped up with Tristan. You also hear #23 say immediately "he pushed me" while point to #15 and they all basically had jumped him by that point and put hands on him face and neck and shoved him more. You also see #5 go up and punch the guy in the red shirt after this too, but the guy in the red shirt was holding the guy behind him before the dude punched him, but it looked like he was trying to defuse it by holding him to me. The kid then tackles him while chasing him and gets kicked in the head for it, I don't blame him. He was chasing homie because he punched him first though, and when he saw dude wanted it he acted like a bitch and Floyd Mayweather'd all over that bitch.

  12. Nothing surprises me. Our nation is out of control due to the ;liberals and the MSM.

  13. If you cant play good enough, hurting people will not increase your skill but only makes you look horrible and childish.

  14. Bruh wtf this 10 months ago? Damn time flies


  16. Shit can happen when you play basketball

  17. Some warm milk and cookies would have prevented this.

  18. it's funny how one dude wipes the bottom of their shoes then everybody does it lol

  19. quick tip, when someone is running at you and reaches out to grab you. throw a right hand just over the top of his reach he wont see it and goodnight. easy win.

  20. sore losers! hope they got banned from the league! kudos to yall for keeping your cool!

  21. Not sure the injury to Tristan's foot was accidental, seconds before the #3 issues the warning to him "watch yourself ". Sore losers, itching to take things to the next level.

  22. #5 on Tristans team out boxed red shirt guy as well lol!

  23. Weirdos mad they losing wtf old heads Bugging 🤣🤣🤣

  24. That dude in the orange is bich for kicking him in the head

  25. They got mad because the white is better than the piece of shit cry baby, in the red, found out he is gay

  26. why asking questions? we have all evidence on camera. here the brawl starts: 18:28
    and here is the KICK to the head by the guy in the red shirt 18:51

  27. Huge fight? …. No
    A. That was a race not a fight.
    2. That is not a drop kick, it's a mini punt by race runner number 2

  28. We gonna talk about how the camera man watched him get kicked in the head and didnt even help him 🤣

  29. Man tag the full video and just show the incident wtf

  30. That brother in orange missing everything…buckets, heads….

  31. They were mad they were getting beat and lost their temper.. pathetic…

  32. i think sergio started it all he said something bad to the guy in red and the guy in grey just wanted to protect sergio i guesse and the it went real spicy out there

  33. I was very shocked that this happened… Like & comment & subscribe with post notifications on! Love you all! ❤️🙏

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