How to: STOP Getting NERVOUS Before Basketball Games FOREVER! [CONFIDENCE SECRETS] -

How to: STOP Getting NERVOUS Before Basketball Games FOREVER! [CONFIDENCE SECRETS]

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How to: STOP Getting NERVOUS Before Basketball Games FOREVER! Use these confidence secrets to stop getting nervous before basketball games and tryouts. If you tend to get nervous before big games then this video is for you. These are secrets that will help you calm your nerves so that you can play at your best and dominate on the court. Even the best players in the world get nervous before games, these are some of the pro secrets that they use to get in the zone and calm their nerves. Use visualization and positive thinking to get in the zone and ready to dominate your next basketball game!


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Created by former professional basketball player Adam Folker, THINCPRO Basketball provides professional level basketball training and resources that are easy to follow and actually work in real games!


– 4 year starter in the NCAA (UC Irvine), 125 career starts, 3 years as Captain
– Set a UCI freshman single-season record with 144 assists
– Named Big West Conference Freshman of the Year
– Ranked No. 16 in the nation in assist-to-turnover ratio (3.26)
– Won Two Big West regular-season titles with UCI and the program’s only conference NCAA tournament crown
– Only player in UC Irvine history to record over 1000 points (1,324) over 500 assists (576) and over 500 rebounds (504)
– UC Irvine’s career all time assists (576)
– 3 year NCAA Division 1 Team Captain
– Went to the NCAA Tournament (2015)


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  1. I’m not scared scoring three I just scared to go in paint where everyone jumble up

  2. After I got dominant I stopped getting nervous lol I definitely used to visualize myself playing. I visualized making a game winner, I did that plus hit the shot that put us in ot and got my first dunk/poster in my last game of my sophomore year at just 15.

  3. If you reading this comment, I hope you drop 50 on ya opps‼️

  4. “why be scared to do bad? the only reason you’d do bad is because you’re scared”

  5. I found some amazing CBD products on the Weedborn website. Just check them out.

  6. Another thi no is Dont be scared to make mistakes if u do make one u can always take it personal and come the next game going crazy and using that mistake as ur fuel

  7. Amazing video! I have a Basketball tournament today and i'm not even that nervous!

    And me and my teamWON

  8. Getting my first basketball game ever in my life tonight, hope it goes well!

  9. I play like a very good player when I'm not around people. But when I'm around people in school that are good its different

  10. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me me

  11. First video I seen from this channel all I heard was yeshua.SUBSCRIBED PRAISE THE LORD !!

  12. I have a high school bball tryout next week and I am so scared

  13. I have confidence, but before the game I just feel so much pressure. It’s like I forget to have fun.

  14. This is a cool video and it is helping but this clip at 3:11 has me dead

  15. Omg thank you soooooo much a have a game in the morning and i do not play basketball bc i was nervous so thank you 😊

  16. When he said think of positives I thought of falling on my face

  17. it's so hard….

    when you're an introvert

  18. I got a game today..I’ll be back to tell y’all my stats😤

  19. I’m 5’11 in the 7th grade and I’m very nervous when it comes to offence my coach doesn’t like that and I keep getting benched it sucks also I weigh 178

  20. I can play under pressure even if people are watching me I don't let my mind lose focus because of the crowd even though I'm really nervous and scared

  21. Having my first highschool basketball game tonight and hyped but just a little nervous but not to bad. Good luck to everyone

  22. I needed this because I start basketball this Saturday 🙏🏽🏀

  23. I'm planning on joining the league for the first time, and i'm nervous

  24. I’m 11 and on a church league team my first game was yesterday and I was so nervous I’m usually a good basketball ball player but I only got two points and like 20 turnovers this vid will help for my next game, thanks

  25. I can do all things through My Lord Jesus who strengthens me🙏🏀

  26. I’m really nervous today because todays my first ever high school basketball game and im hella nervous and anxious. Thanks for the advice.

  27. Do not Listen to music that hypes you up. You should Start the game with a slow heartrate. You will be hyped anyway. If you got to hard in the Warmup with your dunks ect. you nervs are not that good in the end of the game.

  28. I watched this after i played on the same exact court he was on

  29. I practice right before the game and do great. But when the game starts, I can't do anything. It's so frustrating for me and it has been happening for me the whole season. I am at the playoffs now and there are some games where I haven't even scored but I am my starting point guard. How do i fix this?

  30. i have a good jumper and good handles but when I play for my competitive team thats really good i get nervous and miss alot

  31. I’m a tall wide dude so when I’m in the pane I get rebounds like nobody’s business but when I being guarded I pass or if I’m in the pane shoot or dunk

  32. My first step in the court., I cant move because of people watching me

  33. I was always nervous that all my practise wasn’t good enough. And I always screwed up. But in practise 5×5 I mostly played as well as I can. So I just have to realize that everyone is here to play basketball, including me and that gives me confidence. This will also help me a lot to get more focused on the game.

  34. Thank you so much. God bless you 🙌🥂💕

  35. Who else knows that they are better than most of the team but never gets played or trusted in games

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