How To STOP Being NERVOUS In Games FOREVER: Be Confident In Basketball -

How To STOP Being NERVOUS In Games FOREVER: Be Confident In Basketball

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How To STOP Being NERVOUS In Games FOREVER: Be Confident In Basketball

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Do you get nervous during basketball games or lack confidence?

Well part of it is all in your head… and part comes back to how you’re practicing and who you’re playing with.

The 5 step by step secrets in this video will show you how to be confident in basketball so you can start dominating!

Jesse “Snake” Muench’s channel features video of basketball moves, drills, tutorials, tips and more! Learn how to break ankles, do NBA signature moves, basketball drills, and even the occasional streetball crossovers or freestyle basketball tricks. From Stephen Curry moves to Kyrie Irving crossovers, flat out crazy handles, vertical jump training, shooting tips, and everything in between we’ve got you covered! We upload new videos every week so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the newest basketball moves, drills, tips and tutorials!


  1. when i am playing with friends i’m a god but when i play in games i never shoot but when i do shoot i usually make the shot in just nervous someone’s gonna block me it’s not the crowd it’s just me

  2. Im scared because my teamates blame me for EVERYTHING

  3. Hi. Coach I am scared to go to the team because I have a lot of time I don't go in the team it is because that I get so shy and nervous

  4. My problem is that when I am by myself I am fine I hit almost all my shots and then even if someone is is there not even doing anything I will miss even just something like horse I start air balling then after I lose I swish everything

  5. this happened to me the last game i played i am a beast with my friends and in training but i don't know why i missed all my shots in that game all of em all i managed was layups and free throws hope this will never happen to me ever again … thanks coach

  6. As odd as it may sound, I'm looking at this because I feel the same thing while playing fighting games and to my surprise they help a lot, thank you 🙂

  7. I never got to play with players of my level of skills because my coach always put me in way older and harder games and they were way to hard for me

  8. Can you do one on how to stop being so lazy and get up and play basketball or how to do being impatient and more desire to play basketball because I got one of my basketball practice we're forced to play with you when I'm at at home in my backyard feel so lazy or I feel like people are watching me?

  9. i’m only nervous when i get the ball and it’s my time to dribble i be nervous to go in for a lay up

  10. I'm a knockdown shooter and I love basketball. I play and practice almost every day. My coach last year gave me 2 minutes a game, so I had like no opportunity whatsoever. But, when I got like 5 minutes, I scored every time. I'm switching a team next season, so hopefully, I get more opportunity.

  11. When I end up playing 5v5's I get way to excited and play at a pace way to fast for me and my teammates and put up bad shots, any advice on making better advice and slowing down?

  12. hey i know im three years late to this video but ive been having trouble with my performance when im handed the ball, like when im playing the game and im doing defense and stuff im fine but as soon as i get the ball i freeze because i dont wanna mess up and thats like a big fear of mine. any clue how i could become more confident with the ball?

  13. I'm a good player, but the moment i take a break for about a month i feel like i'm not me again eny more durring a match.

  14. This Guy is Really The Albert Estein of Basketball

  15. I used to get nervous about making a mistake, but the practice aspect is true

  16. I have one top so farr an am getting better and better tip is fouces on your surroundings forget about the hope and another tip my friend give me take your time don't give up

  17. I get nervous with all the people looking at me you know?

  18. That ball is glued to his right hand

  19. I know I’m the goat but I be so nervous that I be fucking everything up and I know once I take the L I just walk off the court cuz I know they know I’m not playing next no more

  20. I cant play because my team mate want me to score but my skill is dependret bra

  21. Im sick of this I practice so much and have thr confidence in eveything excpet 5v5 which is what matters

  22. I have an 8th grade school game today… I’ve been playing basketball for 10 years now. We are playing the best team in the league, I’m super nervous

  23. Lol imma be honest, I literally don’t like playing basketball. My parents forced me into playing travel basketball and I just suck because
    1) I’m always nervous before games
    2) I don’t practice just cause I hate it so much which makes me a below average player
    3) I couldn’t care less if we win or lose or anything like that not because I just wanna have fun, but because I basically count the days to the beginning of March cause that’s when this shit finally ends.

  24. I feel like this video is gonna help me a lot. Thank you

  25. I know I'm good at basketball but I just scared of show off my talent

  26. I'm hate myself im so nervous but I've been playing for 11 years

  27. I do so good when I’m at the park playing with others but when I’m playing against a real aau team I get nervous and start throwing layups off the glass and I shoot air balls and hit the ball off the glass

  28. I was sick so I couldn't go to a lot of matches and training sessions, so this match is gonna be the first time I play basketball in 2 weeks.

  29. There was this one time where the P.E teacher made me play basketball(i nver rlly liked it until now) and it kinda made sense since i was 5'8 or 5'9 when i was 11 or 12…

    There were scouts who actlly thought i was good(keep in mind that i havent played ball) and the look on their faces were…..BUT thx to that pressure and mood, i dont feel scared anymore.(i was in a tournament)

    There was also a guy who bet money on me during that time😅

  30. Try this

    1.Say that you're bad or be humble
    2. Try to lower their expectations so that you can move how you like or not think of them being dissappointed

  31. Try this

    1.Say that you're bad or be humble
    2. Try to lower their expectations so that you can move how you like or not think of them being dissappointed

  32. i tend to zone out on games whether it's a casual or official game i just can't seem to stop being nervous and zoning out 🙁

  33. I always get so nervös when i play because the Player 's in my town are wayyyy more skilled then my and i have no Patner and they always make my nervös .Because there Big ,Skilled,Strong and i am still a beginner .

  34. I'm a very good ball handler and shot creator, but whenerver I get to play with people that maybe I don't know so well I get so stressed that they got the job done and that I'm only there to help them win the game, and that way I just play good defense, get rebounds and shoot stationary shots all the time, and I'll often miss even the easy ones too.
    What can I do other than what you shown in the vifeo to stop that?

  35. Bro is like I can’t handle the ball while im attacking I literally get so nervous and turn around on them and start pushing them then I can’t do anything i shoot it backwords plz help

  36. Hi. I played in two different schools, one year each. I was the new school kid in both school. I didn't know a thing at first, it was grade 10 basketball. Other one was in grade 12. I was a good shooter but not a good player on the court, nor a good teammate. I could be good but I don't know If it is the case since nobody never passed the ball to me. If you don't do the talking much, you never get a pass…
    I can't drill well either, I run well while drilling though. I wish I had started to it earlier.

  37. Ik I'm the only one that was literally about to piss themselves

  38. I’m definitely a top player against my friends like legit a good ass player, it just when I get into a game or we have to play against JV or varsity for practice, I get nervous and I play decent. I want to be completely confident and play how I play when I’m with my boys.

  39. guys someone pls respond, basically I play at school but with my friends, but my friends are really good and i am not, and alot of people watch us play so i get nervous because im not that good and i dont want ppl to make fun of me what to do

  40. Coach when I’m playing 1on1 I know all the moves I need but In games I forget every basic mechanic I need to succeed can you make a vid on that

  41. Thanks, because when I'm alone or just doing drills i handle like Iverson and shoot like Curry, but when the game starts (even when it's just training) I'm so nervous that I'm just like "who I am where I am what is that orange round thing u tryna give me"

  42. 🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️🥺🥺🤩🤩🏀🏀🔥🔥💪🏾💪🏾

  43. Exactly same entire words i shared to my 11-year old son but I just subscribed to let him watch your videos to prep for the next season.

  44. I be so good in practice but when it comes to the game I get nervous

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