How To Play Better in Basketball Games- How To Play Basketball Better -

How To Play Better in Basketball Games- How To Play Basketball Better

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“I play good in practice but not in games!” Is a common problem that people face. In order to become better at basketball, you have to be able to be confident. In this video, I”ll give you a few basketball tips that will help you learn how to play basketball better in games.

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  1. Anyone else watching this on the car ride to your game?

  2. Lately I’ve only been scoring at least 8 when I know I can score at least 20 something but now that I’m going against people I know I always worry about either having a bad game or not

  3. Ok so like my career high in practice is 38 points but in game only 18 so i hope this helped me out

  4. Hey, my mom is going to try to get your session thing. But this really helped me, and i have a game on sunday and i bet it helped. Thank you so much for this.

  5. Bro thank you so much. I’m coming back from and injury in my playoff game and my whole team is counting on me. Can’t wait bro.

  6. Use as many strategies to gain confidence and get better and once u have one breakout game you will be fine

  7. So pretty much think positively, don’t overthink, and have fun

  8. For me im scared to miss and im also scared that my teamates think that i dont pass the ball enough

  9. Thanks this is the number 1 thing holding me back

  10. I had one game this season where I used affirmations a ton with out knowing it. I went on to have no turnovers, a 13 point quarter, 7 assists, and 5 rebounds. Unusual for me, but now I know. Thanks bro

  11. I’m a basketball player in high school, I know how to crossover and everything but when it’s game time or I’m doing a 1v1 or something like that it’s like my mind just don’t know what to do

  12. I always feel this way I’m playing in Mexico and dang I practice good but I can’t play free at games 😂

  13. Thanks man you helped me play better I make 8 point in the game thanks bro all out❤

  14. When I'm playing 1v1,2v2. I easily get heated and I'm playing well and sometimes, enemy team recruit me for 5v5 to play with them but when I'm in 5v5 matches, i kinda like lazy person, brick shot, cold game

  15. When ever I play I’m supposed to play 12u but instead the team have to cheat and play like freshman players against us and they still practice

  16. Thank you! This is my pregame air pod listen

  17. I’m gonna start to not care what people think and let my game talk

  18. i have to fill in for a basketball team tonight , im very good at practice but ive never had a real game . my anxiety is rushing

  19. Can u do how to play better when u just started playing pls I just started play I have a good jump shot good handles I just don’t know how to play

  20. I get made fun off when I mess up I was playing with high schoolers I'm in 8th

  21. Fr I play better in games that in practice 😂😂😂

  22. Well actually I have adhd so if you raise the stakes for me I dont think about failure I think about how to avoid failure

  23. ThNk u for that cus I’m i. The middle of tryouts and today was horrible I was so mad because I’m dang near goatee in practice alone like I actully feel like I’m the best basket player as a kid in my city when alone but in a game or against pressure or during tryouts or something it horrific. I hope this helps thank u just earned a subscriber.

  24. Whenever I lose confidence, I put me head down and tell myself to play not think. Then everything I practiced just comes to me naturally.

  25. thank you man this is very helpful, i cant thank you enough

  26. kinda opposite for me
    in game and when there are crowds I m fire
    but when there are no one and no motivation I play like crap….

  27. This video helped a lot , i train like 2-4 hours every day and my work just won’t show off in games as an aau 7th grader who is now practicing about 4 hours every day, This video will help me with my in game performance so thank you!

  28. Thanks bro, I got skills but always get nervous that ima mess up

  29. My problem is that i just lost my starting spot because I play very bad in games but amazing in practise.

  30. Watching this video i fell like i am free thank you my confidence is raising😁

  31. This was what I needed . Thank you! Gonna work and be better

  32. I played my game today and I had 15 points 4 blocks and 4 rebounds.This video is helpful.

  33. This video helped me alot. Over the past month ive been doing great at my high school camps, specifically having a 15 point game with 5 three pointers. I went from a bench player on my freshman team that barely had a spot on the jv team, to a starter on jv and the best player on there that isn’t at the moment on varsity. I play for a competitive high school that won region championship the year prior, so this a big deal to me, the goal is to make varsity when the season comes and with the progression i have had it seems reachable.

  34. Useless af doesn't work actually made me worse ain't subbed no more

  35. Same wit me i would just do good i practice and in a game i blow it .

  36. And that's why I stay stressed no matter what I'm doing like Technoblade in his Dream 1v1, he was stressed even when he was practicing and in the battle.

    Also all the things this video told u XD

  37. My promblems is i want to get iso every time i hate listening to my coach cause he change my game to screen space creating passing but heck no i want to show my showtime moves so i just don't do nothing in games. And i just notice i just joined a basketball thing for 1 year and my handles became trash and my shooting now im low confidence in traning and games but in street im a monster

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