How To Play Better in Basketball Games- How To Play Basketball Better -

How To Play Better in Basketball Games- How To Play Basketball Better

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“I play good in practice but not in games!” Is a common problem that people face. In order to become better at basketball, you have to be able to be confident. In this video, I”ll give you a few basketball tips that will help you learn how to play basketball better in games.

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  1. I literally never played team basketball so when I got in I didn't know how to start a alley-oop or get the ball passed to be or set up plays nothing

  2. This is a common problem, the mind is so important! I make videos on mindset on my channel too

  3. I was so good at street basketball but on an actual team I’m ridiculously bad. I went a whole season without scoring any shots(that counted).

  4. I usually play well but earlier today I played a game with a Rec team and only scored 4 and we lost by 30 and I shot 2/9 this helps a lot

  5. the only thing that stops you from being good is a person that is defending you it blocks your mind from being free when shooting

  6. Actually, The task does become different, walking on a beam on the ground, means less potential energy for us and thus we can easily keep our centre of gravity on the beam balancing ourselves, and 10 storeys in the air means more potential energy and thus it becomes more and more difficult to keep our centre of gravity on the beam so……….

  7. I promise y’all the only reason your not playing good in games in nerves and being passive

  8. Thank you for the info I was stuck in a pickle until I watched this video

  9. I was really great player in 1on 1 or real game, however when my coach told me to change my shooting and playing style, I got worser and since that time I got worser and worser every day .now I can't even believe in myself to playing.
    I don't know what i have to do?

  10. I got really good handles and I almost never lose in 1v1s but the thing with me is I feel like I putting my team down when Im put in a team

  11. Im 12 and i used to be the goal scorer and was the best on my team but after covid i just lost it i was not even close i got 1-0 points each game and it just disappointed me so much. Maybe its just covid and not being able to practise im not sure

  12. Dude when i make a mistake in the game like slipping the ball during a drive to the hoop in 5v5 i get held back by the team leader who just wants u to take that out of your game and forces you to do something you dont do like for me go get rebounds is there a way to stop them from getting to u (maybe also give a tip at how to not feel like theyre taking advantage of u and u rage and start an argument then the refs hand u techs)

  13. I can tell you read the book "How to Think and Grow Rich" 😂

  14. This helped me even playing with classmates I was so scared but at home I shoot and shoot I make almost shot I just told myself if I miss everyone would make fun of me but now im nasty bc I tell myself its just a game I'm already a giant compared to my friends so I use to just block and get rebound but now I shoot too

  15. I remember before every free throw I took in game I would think "I got this, im gonna make this"
    And I was one of the best free throw shooters on the team

  16. First video I’ve watched and I was pretty impressed… you used some slightly tacky phrases like “positive affirmations” and turned them into useful tips and tricks during gameplay. Well done

  17. It's hard for me because I play with people way out of my age group. I always overthink things because I'm scared of the criticism. Criticism from older people is a bummer because you can't be always talking back to people older than you, I'm a very respectful person at my 12 years of age.

    This video was so so helpful for me, thank you sir.

  18. This is exactly how I feel everytime I play in a game. I get so nervous by the possibility of letting my teammates down, and get in my own head. You articulated everything so perfectly. Thank you!

  19. Ty I have a game today and I am super nervous, it’s the first game of the season

  20. I’m probs rubbish but when I play, if I start out bad missing shots and getting the ball stolen off me, I always get so down and can barely focus on my shooting game, but my defending stays good, what’s should I do, any suggestions?

  21. I absolutely love this video! This will definitely help me on tonight’s game.

  22. Im Starting BasketBall But My Dad Is Making Me Play It So Im Looking zup Ways To Improve

  23. Thx bro I will focus on Practice

  24. thats not the problem for me. im just scared of how people would think of me

  25. for the people still strugling. In shootarounds try to free your mind, relax and try to not think of the game and laugh it off. I did it and I played SOOO much better. my stats were 2/3 from the field 4 points 4 rebounds 3 assists 3 steals and 1 block. So as I said try to free your mind in shootaround.

  26. This was extremely helpful not just for basketball, but like for everything.

  27. I'm such a talented player but my only problem is that I overthink and that makes me play so bad in games but in training I'm amazing.😭😭😭

  28. Empty Advices for the mental side. Playing every game like it´s your last is a terrible idea.

  29. I play good in games I just feel like I could play better and that im not playing at my best

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