How To ACTUALLY Train By Yourself as a Basketball Player -

How To ACTUALLY Train By Yourself as a Basketball Player

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In this video, we cover how to work out by yourself as a basketball player. There are a lot of misconceptions about how to train by yourself and what it should look like to get better. Most players don’t have productive workouts by themselves and because of, they see very little improvement. This video will give you a clear blueprint to working out by yourself as a basketball player.

Solo ball handling workout:
Solo shooting workout:
Solo finishing workout:

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  1. those hook layups i see you doing are the ones i need to work on

  2. Have 1-2 Skill Focus 0:30
    build core consistent targets
    Challenge Yourself Effectively 1:58
    push yourself intentional skill progression
    be creative build flowity
    Include Variability 6:37
    don't be repetitive
    switch things change details

  3. Right side development and handling defensive pressure, thats what I need to work on the most. I'm open to suggestions.

  4. Love working out alone. You gotta add 7 spots drill. 7 spots all own rebounds, must make all 7 in under 1 minute and repeat. 21 shots made in under 3 minutes elite, 70 shots made in under 10 minutes than your me. Haha

  5. I’m a 5’9 pg, and I feel like my finishing and mid-range are quite good, but my shooting doesn’t translate well to the 3pt, is there any way to fix this? I hear the term “just put more reps up” but I just can’t seem to get better at shooting from deep like that.

  6. Can't believe I found this content unitll now. Pure gold❤

  7. I’m confident on my handles and I’m working on my shooting and finishing

  8. I always END MY workouts with a made 3 a FT a layup and then backwards. So I have to make 6 shots. If I miss but get my rebound before it hits the floor I can go back to that missed shot…

  9. Even tho I’m out the game, that first tip is a gem, especially knowing what I know now. High consistency in focusing on problem areas is definitely a cheat code, wish I even knew that was an option back then lol I’d just emphasize certain things during workouts but it’d be more effective to have most of the workout centered around just those two things

  10. Im training outside everydays, but sometimes that's hurt. Because when I miss a shot, the ball goes like 1km away from the court and when is hot weather and I most go from ball running that's make me humble 😂

  11. So can I focus 1-2 different things every week/months. For example, I can work on my shooting and ball handling for the whole week or month and then when that’s over with I can work on finishing and handling pressure when getting trapped

  12. Also when you wanna train by yourself and you play around an 1hr make sure that the 30minutes of it is something new. Because when you play pickup you always encounter something new that you can add to your game it may be a small thing but it can be handy when needed. So when you play by yourself its just your thoughts but when your with someone both of you have different approach to the game and you can learn from them and add it to your bag. So when you play by yourself try doing something different or something out of the box or out of your comfort zones, cuz in real games its very hard to get to your own pace and comfort because sometimes the defense controls you intsead of vice versa. Or vice versa when ur the one playing D

  13. Awesome video, i'm just going to get back to hooping after 4 months off, just for fun and staying healthy without breaking my body 😀 keep up the awesome videos !

  14. This is really helpful. I'm really thinking about playing basketball. I heard that playing sports is really good for your mind and body.

  15. This doesn’t make sense to me, if I practiced to get good at floaters and layups, but then realize my shot is lacking, if I spend more time on my shot, my floaters and layups will get worse since I’m not doing them as much or as often. I want to improve on as much as possible but I can’t if I’m only emphasizing on 1 or 2 components

  16. I have a very good consistent shot when I’m playing indoor, but outdoor I can’t hit anything, will shooting outdoors mess up my shot?

  17. should i be training dribbling shooting and finishing 5 days a week

  18. Good day Sir
    Please I need your help
    Am a 5 footer and I get discrimination when ever I try to play basketball but I truly love the game
    I have been doing research to try to improve my self but i get discouraged because my hands can't even reach the rim
    I need your advice
    Am just 17 by June 19th this year
    Can I really play the game??
    If I can how can I do so if am not even able to touch the rim😢😢

  19. I love your teachings!
    I know this will greatly improve my game, thanks for all the advice and tips

  20. Very helpful but could you make a skills list and drills for you to run for massive improvement

  21. on the 1-2 skill focusing, i feel like i will underdevelop my other skills so im not sure what to do

  22. Man I don’t know what drills should I do as a 2 meter Center to improve my post game, most of the times in the post I get double/triple teamed and cant even pass

  23. Today i spent 3 hours just focusing on my shooting, rarely did layups or floaters but watched a video of shooting and focused on consistency and perfection everytime, i can say, after going in 100 degree weather grinding for hours, i did improve my shooting

  24. i’m trying to make varsity and i feel very lost when i practice. i feel like all my practice is just bs and i’m not actually getting better or more experienced

  25. so for example there's so many things I wanna work on, for example my shooting, passes, and ball handling.
    But I since I'm a center (I'm 5'10) I want to concetrate in post moves,should I just practice exactly only 1 move,or should I practice only post moves in general?
    Also I really wanna get better for this basketball program that's comming up which will open doors for me to be able to get into england's u16. What should I do mainly?

    Thank u so much for your time ^^

  26. Coach I a 6’3 big man in highschool I not bad at handling it just I really can’t handle pressure I don’t wanna play big anymore any tips?

  27. Thanks for video. I am 48 and train myself 99% of time. Most important, in my view, for solo leveling(!) Is 'game speed'. It is of course not only for training alone but easy to forget when exercising self.

  28. Is it true that you'll never be good enough if you only work alone no matter how hard you try

  29. Dang good stuff man… I am doing this now and it’s just great dude

  30. So your saying If I’m doing free throws and I’m getting 3/10 everytime, I should just keep doing more?

  31. Realest basketball video i have watched in a long time

  32. I am 27 . Can i still be good playing basketball ?

  33. Hey man this is a great video not only for basketball players but also for people who have a growth mindset. I really enjoyed that 7/10 or X amount of shots made part. I think that's really wise. It's funny how no matter what one does with their life, there is still an opportunity for personal growth. I always find myself learning life lessons from unexpected places such as playing piano or even playing ranked in video games. Good shit man and I wish you all the best.

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