How NBA 2K Makes Basketball Players Look Real In Video Games -

How NBA 2K Makes Basketball Players Look Real In Video Games

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NBA 2K19, the top basketball sim game, turns NBA players into video game avatars using mocap and body scans. We go behind the scenes at 2K Sports to show you the process of how they realistically capture basketball players’ form and movement. Find out how NBA All-Stars like Steph Curry, Lebron James, James Harden, and Russell Westbrook get such detailed appearances and individualized animations in the game, and why 2K’s character avatars are getting more and more realistic each year.

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How NBA 2K Makes Basketball Players Look Real In Video Games


  1. “Next gen character animation”
    ball still goes through hand during a block

  2. Why haven't all pro sports gone to video games to continue playing? It could be televised and be great entertainment for the fans!

  3. Then how do they get historical players so perfectly like MJ and Wilt

  4. Thats a lie cuz curry in 2k dont look like him in real life.

  5. Wait is the Steph's dribbling warmups really in the games? 2:32

  6. They spent so much on "life like" but not the ACTUAL GAME

  7. So how did they make the legendary players? In grave?

  8. One of those dances he did at the end of the videos looked so girly lol! Good and very interesting video. I enjoyed it.

  9. How nba 2k makes basketball players look real in trailer

  10. Even Rockstar Games or Netherrealm Studios make realistic characters better than 2K games

  11. Wow ayesha shoots better than me

  12. they didn't do motion track of lebron's dunks…they just recycled from that of nba 2k5

  13. Not trying to be rude but they should have picked someone else to do this video I just feel like another person could have made it better

  14. Why does 2k19 better looking than 2k20 and 2k21?

  15. 2k animation is still not fluid though.. certain transitions into moves show foot sliding across the court… they should really fix that instead of the players looks.

  16. names curry's allstar appearances but not his back to back mvps

  17. The sneakers are important but the continue to put non og's on mike feet

  18. Actually peja stojakovic is the best shooter in nba history

  19. Sike he ain't the best I broke him in 2k sooo yah

  20. All this technology and to lazy to change the stuff the announcers are saying

  21. Now all they need to do is make the game good

  22. They like to talk hype about their game always but the game is never great at all I want to win the real work is going to get started instead of all the fluff in hype

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