How Argentina became Men's Basketball Olympic Champions -

How Argentina became Men’s Basketball Olympic Champions

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We follow Argentina through the Men’s Basketball tournament at Athens 2004 to see how they became Olympic champions.

From the preliminary rounds to the knockout stages, we take a look at Argentina’s key matches from the 2004 Olympic Basketball competition to see how they won gold.

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  1. The Usa was beaten by Argentina TWICE in 2002 and 2004, Yugoslavia, Spain, Puerto Rico, Greece, Lithuania.

  2. i used to think that the USA's team in 2004 was weak but looking at the roster Argentina had it hard! probly the only and LAST time a team in North and South America other than the USA that will ever win GOLD at the Olympics

  3. Argentina: Basketball
    Chile: Tennis

    Those Olympics were beautiful.

  4. Grande la generacion dorada, gracias eternamente por tanto…..

  5. Like si lo ves en 2017 :v:'v me gustaria haber visto jugar a este equipo

  6. Argentina fue una aplanadora con ese equipo.

  7. Wow, they played like cowboys……I mean gauchos

  8. Bruh honestly how did Argentina beat the US I promise that it won't happen again.

  9. Let's just be clear here. It was one good game by the Argentinians against a watered down US team. The top 3 players in the NBA at the time were Kobe, Shaq, and Kevin Garnett. None played. We also played this Argentinian team many times. Argentina won twice (2002, 2004) The US beat them 7 times including just 2 years after this game; by 15 points in the worlds. We then beat them by 20 points in 2008, by 34 at Tournament of the Americas. Argentina was better on this night, but lets be realistic here. And like I said, the US left their top 3 players at home. When Kobe played the year before at Tournament of the Americas, we crushed them. Imagine if you took Ginobili, Scola, and Sanchez off the team. They wouldn't even medal. Why don't Argentinians like to see that? Didn't they notice that Kobe and Shaq and Garnett weren't on the team? Plus a few others that declined to play.

  10. The best non us american team ever. Argentina 2004. The one and only.

  11. can you imagine if there were blacks in Argentina??They would be even better a basketball

  12. Deserved. Best greetings to Argentina from Serbia!

  13. I wasn't surprised that the USA didn't win this tournament as their player experience and preparation was incomparable to the other countries, that was a team of mainly young players thrown together at the last minute. Yes man for man they may have been more talented than Argentina but as a team Argentina were better and more experienced, which is why they won.

  14. Last time Argentina played against USA Ginobili were the man with more rings (4) on the field… respect to the one and only #20

  15. I'm a spurs fan and i wasn't disappointed that the us lost cause i rather see one of my favorite players win Manu ginobili.

  16. Ginobili only NBA player that won an NBA Championship, Euroleague championship and Olympic championship. Sure first ballot Naismith and FIBA hall of famer and definitely will get a statue in Argentina.

    Although not the best NBA player, this guy made a huge impact in the world b-ball scene

  17. so it was a rocky path, not beatdowns
    which makes makes it more impressive

  18. Whoever did the music for these clips should find another job. The music is terrible and doesn't complement the sporting moments either. Its a shame because these clips be so much better.


  20. Argentina played as a team and with gusto to win against the US who played with overconfidence. That's how basketball is being played. Teamwork!

  21. Ginobili is my favorite Argentina nba player

  22. Looks like back then every team had the fighting chance. They all could have been the winner or the loser. Of course, that is, except China.

  23. after 5,000 years of losing to USA Basketball Team
    (year 7,018)
    Argentines/Greeks to Americans: but, but we beat your national team 5000 years ago!

  24. How we lost in this tournament with the squad the USA had, I will never know..

  25. fuimos los primeros campeones mundiales y ahora estooo!!!!!

  26. And 14 years after Manu & Co. defeated the US, 'Geniobili' retires. What an honor to have seen Manu 'parade' on the courts.

  27. I remember watching a game when he first started playing in the NBA where he pulled off a circus 360 move for the score and the crowd was just stunned into silence trying to figure out what they just had seen. Virtually everyone was thinking , "who is this guy ? "

  28. Ginobili Nocioni Scola Prigioni Delfino Oberto what a scary team for Argentina

  29. If kobe played it would be an easy gold considering kobe was in his prime

  30. This is the Argentina's Finest players. All NBA players are at prime. Ginobili, Nocioni and Scola

  31. Ginobili

    This argentine player beat usa

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