How Argentina became Men's Basketball Olympic Champions -

How Argentina became Men’s Basketball Olympic Champions

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We follow Argentina through the Men’s Basketball tournament at Athens 2004 to see how they became Olympic champions.

From the preliminary rounds to the knockout stages, we take a look at Argentina’s key matches from the 2004 Olympic Basketball competition to see how they won gold.

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  1. Leo muchos comentarios diciendo que el equipo de USA no era tan bueno. Si bien no estaban Kobe, Shaq y Garnett. Estaban: Iverson, Marbury, Duncan, LeBron, Carmelo, Wade, Odom, Marion y Amare Stoudemire 😧😧😧😧

  2. USA A team cannot be beaten. They sent a crappy one. Not the real deal.

  3. Final should have been Argentina vs. Spain. Spain were the best team that year but Marbury alone destroyed them.

  4. They were a legendary team, not a bunch of "superstars" like most of US teams.

  5. Still wathcing this in 2018. Ginobili is the best

  6. MAAAAANUUUU GINOOOOOBILI! HE IS WITHOUT A DOUBT THE GREAT BENCH PLAYER AND DRAFT STEAL OF ALL TIME!!! The dude averaged 26-30 minutes per game while scoring about 14-17PPG for most of his career. In fact he averaged almost 20ppg in 2007-08 when he averaged 31 minutes per game and he also averaged 20.8ppg in the 2005 playoff which actually resulted in a 3rd championship for SAS which is highly impressive and the fact that he had 2 scoring options in his team (Tim Duncan and Tony Parker) is even more impressive since he had to share the ball a lot more. Oh and he’s one of the clutchest players I’ve seen in my entire life. His playmaking ability is absolutely amazing as well. The stats may not show that he’s much of a playermaker but there’s so many footage of him making an incredible no look passes and passes like that. Manu is one of the only 2 players to win a championship in NBA, Euroleague and olympics (Bill Bradley also made that same achievement but he played for the US so I guess that isn’t as impressive) Manu is the GOAT of the bench. Honestly even though timmy is the goat of SA and the GOAT of PFs, Manu ginobili has been more fun to watch. Manu ginobili will definitely be a hall of famer.

  7. This really was a great lineup but I would still pick the spain 2008 over this team even though they did not win but the level of competition that time was way tougher compared to this one

  8. Hahaha sana maulit ulit yung ganitong eksena na na upset yung team USA/TEAM NBA SUPERSTARS hahaha iyak yung USA dito tinalo ng Argentina 😂

  9. came back here to hear some excuses. NBA pLAyers is a basketball Power. and its funny to see excuses, when right now they always say even college players can beat any country in world cup and olympics. hahaha.

  10. It's amazing that a guy of his talent and stature took a backseat to help turn the Spurs into one of the best sports dynasties. This man had the talent, drive, and leadership skills to be the #1 option on many teams, but he took a 6th man role and continued to be a great leader for the Spurs. His team first demeanor is what helped cultivate a culture of winning in San Antonio. While it was embarrassing to see the US win bronze that year, and it was disappointing to see Timmy not win Gold on that '04 squad, just about the only thing missing from his illustrious career, it was great to see team basketball triumph over sheer talent.

    This Gold metal was the greatest accomplishment that Manu and the Argentinian National Team pulled off, and you can tell how close these guys were to each other, and how much this Gold metal meant to this whole team. Say what you want, about Manu getting into the NBA at such a late age, not putting up gaudy stats, but Manu deserves to be a first ballot HoFer. I don't think the Spurs would have won as many championships without him, and they wouldn't continue to be successful after his retirement, despite the last few years being the most difficult years for the Spurs, without him cultivating this team-first attitude. As much as Timmy meant to the Spurs, and as much as he accomplished, what Manu did is why he ranks just a little above Timmy as my favorite Spurs and basketball player of all-time.

  11. Jordan would’ve beat them with 4 homeless…that USA 🇺🇸 team should be ashamed of themselves (but ginobili was a monster and they have good shooters too so respect to Argentina 🇦🇷 for winning this gold medal 🥇 )😂👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  12. No sabía que Macri 3:48 fue entrenador de baloncesto antes de ser presidente de Argentina y antes de ser presidente de Boca 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  13. セルビア・モンテネグロ戦のジノビリのブザビはやばいよ

  14. Argentina also won the gold medal in football the same day.

  15. Argentina no one can beat because Argentina is one of the best basketball team of the world because of teamwork defense assist and shooting and determination,,, Argentina is the best!! Argentina is very playhard never surrender and go hard not go home Again Argentina is the best in world from the basketball🏀🏀👏👏👏👏👏

  16. Am watching this 2019 after Argentina won the game against France

  17. Cuando clasificas de culo pueden pasar dos cosas: o muy lindas o muy malas. Ésa vez fueron hermosas.

  18. Yey🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  19. Scola, Nocioni, Oberto, Delfino and Ginobili! That Argentina Team tho! 🏀

  20. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
    beautifull game
    0:59 ❤🎬

  21. Ganaron porque sólo en esa olimpiada asistieron dos jugadores del dream Team, los demás todos eran novatos. Jajaja

  22. 🔥🔥
    nice comment🏀🏀🏀
    0:45 💙💓
    👇 👇 👇💖

  23. Because it was too easy for US
    So they got too cocky, sending weaker and weaker team, until they finally lost

  24. I really don't know how Italy beat Lithuania and lost from Argentina. Lithuania was far better than Argentina, and also Italy beat Argentina in the previous round

  25. Às vezes eu tenho dúvidas se esse time da Argentina foi o melhor time, no sentido coletivo, que vi jogar… Talvez o time de vôlei masculino do Brasil, entre 2001 e 2006, tenha sido coletivamente tão bom.

  26. Apparently that's when Argentinian found basketball more interesting than scoocer. Lol

  27. Que orgulho uma seleção Sul-Americana jogar um basquete de nível mais alto que Europeus e Norte-Americanos. Ginobilli, gênio.

  28. A friend of mine: "I still can't believe we beat the US at basketball, it's like beating them at school shootings".

  29. Fue un enorme mérito. Más aún por qué el básquet en Argentina no es tan popular ni el 1 % de la población lo práctica. Epico sin dudas …

  30. Its true that some All stars were missing but:

    PPG in NBA 2003-2004 season:

    Iverson 27.6

    Duncan 22.3

    Anthony 21.0

    James 20.9

    Stoudemire 20.6

    Marbury 19.8

    Marion 19.0

    Jefferson 18.5

    Odom 17.1

    Wade 16.2

    Boozer 15.5 (11.4 RPG)

    Okafor (not in Nba at the time, 15.1 season 2004-2005)

  31. How to become Olympic champions: beat uncle sam

  32. This mix of Spaniard, Italian and German genes. ARGENTINA at it's best.

  33. One of the best accomplishments in the history of basketball. Mad respect to Argentina from the US!

  34. Siempre admiré a los argentinos por su hambre de gloria en todos los deportes y la calidad de jugadores que siempre aporta. Saludos desde Argentina

  35. Hahaha the gold medal battle is between Italy and Italy😂😂

  36. Every Olympics the USA win golds this feat becomes more and more impressive. Out of the 8 Olympics with NBA players US won 7. Only other country to win gold is Argentina

  37. Since 2004, only Argentina and USA Win the Gold medal in Olympics

  38. Winning to USA like we won it feel it like a golden medal itself. I will never forget the golden generation of Argentina's basketball: Manu, Scola, Oberto, Pepe Sanchez…

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