"HOLD ME BACK!" 5th Grade Championship GOT HEATED in the T3TV March Madness Tourney! - bestfungamesll.com

“HOLD ME BACK!” 5th Grade Championship GOT HEATED in the T3TV March Madness Tourney!

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  1. 👍 To all the young men playing hard and working hard you have great features in life..Dont stop !!

  2. All open layups will soon turn into windmills and other dunks!

  3. 33 is quicker than the rest, good player, keep it up

  4. I don't understand why kids can't play basketball today without regressing to ghetto mentality?

  5. This kid showing more heart than ben simmons maybe if the nets had this kid playing for them they wouldn't gotten swept.

  6. They definitely ballin

  7. IF Riley Freeman was playin’ these kids 😂

  8. Mahn I got chills by watching this, when I grow up I wanna be like them.. I'm 22 by the way

  9. Great competitiveness! I enjoyed this better than any level of women's basketball. Great coaching and/or parenting here. These kids play hard. No soft players here. Great lesson. Play hard or go home. Best thing I've seen in sports for awhile.

  10. More heart and hustle than Lebron and the lakers this season lol

  11. Yo, I swear no lie I thought one of them was gonna dunk!!!! I mean…..sheesh, they can all ball

  12. Damn those kids are good. I liked the blue team. Got some future NBA players there. Did they win?

  13. More entertaining than WNBA , I'm sorry .

  14. This is the new generation of basketball players that never saw the 2000s. So in 2030s. Watch how they call the 1980s & 1990s trash, weak & no competition. See how you people from the 80s & 90s feel now. Now u know how the players from the 1970, 1960s, 1940s, 1930s, 1920s, 1910s, 1900s & 1890s feel now.

  15. I was hoping to see a hockey fight with 5th graders but I got one shove. wtf. clickbait

  16. All I know is my 5th grade b ball team would of been destroyed by either of these two teams.

  17. They going crazy to be some fifth graders

  18. Wow. I feel like i just watched north carolina vs michigan state

  19. It’s sad that these 5th graders are better than some of the players at my school @jones high school in Orlando 🤦‍♂️

  20. Someone check their birth certificates, there's no way these kids are 5th graders

  21. Kills me when they have kids wearing the whole uniform and a face mask and they havent even been trained not to travel….

  22. And why tf is num 8 grabbing him like that??? Like dude was acting like he wanted to just act aggressive , tf u grabbing ur own teamate like that for???

  23. What was that Puch from glasses on blue team lol

  24. With this much talent on display there's a good chance we just watched a future NBA player .

  25. What in the water over there? Those kids can play. Great team ball. ✝️🇺🇸🥊 Coach Mando from the Alamo City.

  26. These ten kids could easily destroys my national teams 😂

  27. Wait till 8 grade and the white kids will stay small and there won't be any competition after that

  28. This just makes me wanna hoop like bball is superior sport

  29. 3:33 you telling me he's in 5th grade and made that pass? Number 8 in blue defintely going far in basketball if he keeps up this

  30. Lol blue 24 was hilarious, blue 8 and 23 got potential

  31. My brother in fifth grade played against this team

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