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Highlights from Arkansas men’s basketball Red-White scrimmage

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Team Red defeated Team White 64-59 at Barnhill Arena in Arkansas men’s basketball’s annual Red-White scrimmage game.

Razorback Report:

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  1. When you can’t tell who the starters are and the game is close, that’s a good signs. This team is deep stacked and talented

  2. Dey gunna hair gel like a junbug stuck in molasses on a hot Arkansas night. Ain’t no team funna beat dem dis year. Razerbacks all da way

  3. Uniforms are way too busy. Sure hope they go back to a more classic style 😎

  4. This team might win the ncaa championship this year or next year 🎉

  5. if they gel, this might be one of the most talented teams in college bball

  6. Barnhill Arena looks like a high school gym now, compared to Bud Walton Arena

  7. Is that Barnhill? I know the women play there, but I'd like to see at least two games a year there. I know it's not that big, but I can't think of one place that was ever louder than Barnhill.

  8. This could be a really good year. Hope they gel soon into the season .

  9. It's so deep, they might be better off subbing in their starters and bench every ten minutes for 20 minutes each.

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the communication going on by both squads! I CANT WAIT IM SO EXCITED

  11. I really really like Pineon H is NICE I sure hope he gets some playing time.

  12. It is going to be a riot listening to Z trying to keep the Mitchell brothers' names straight and correct. Yikes!

  13. With so many 1 & done's we gotta bring the NATTY back home! I expect some early struggles BUT one March it's on!!!! If Muss coached the last 2 teams to the Elite8 just imagine what he'll do with this star studded roster!!!!!

  14. My benchy run deep. So deep, put her butt to sleep.

  15. Jalen Graham really turned up the dial from Europe. love to see his aggressiveness and excited that we have yet another player who can be “the guy” on any given night!

  16. i love the razorbacks but those uniforms are hideous.they should win sec and go to final 4.wps!

  17. 2022 and they still can't get the audio correct. Never change 5NEWS.

  18. So glad they ranked Kentucky above us. Now we can show the college basketball ranking committee why Kentucky is no longer the powerhouse of sec but we are. Kentucky won't make it back to their success from 10 years ago ever

  19. Devo better average more than 4 points a game this season with his fruity nail painting

  20. Pinion has a bright future he gets hardly any press but he will probably stay 3 years at least and has maybe the best all around game of all of them

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