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High School Girls Basketball: Woodbury vs. Stillwater

TSB Television
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Stillwater’s big three of Sara Scalia, Alexis Pratt and Liza Karlen hope to extend their team’s command of the Suburban East Conference.

Commentators: Mike Peden and LaToya Turk


  1. wood bury team dont know how to mark a player. How can the white girl be chasing the ball instead of marking the opposing player….

  2. I don't like stillwater at all…I am just watching for the opposite team 👍

  3. i look up to sarah and liza so much and i wish i could be as good as them when i am older cus i’m in sixth grade

  4. why is this in my recommendations. I don’t live nowhere near them lmao

  5. the woodbury team, when ever they are open they can shoot but just keep passing

  6. Woodbury keep passing backwards try passing forward and getting closer to the basket

  7. Some of y’all are posting how much a team passes but Ik a few teams who have coaches that make them pass the ball till everyone has had a chance with the ball🤷🏾‍♀️ so it really ain’t they fault

  8. This is a great video I really enjoyed it and wish more people watched it

  9. How the hell does this get into my recommended vids???
    I’m in Northern Canada.
    I never watch basketball vids.
    I wouldn’t even watch WNBA if I was offered free centre court tickets to the championship game.
    Funny thing is that I watched it thinking there’d be something special about it like an upset. Home team’s a top record and visitors are bottom feeder record so I’m thinking maybe there’s a crazy upset. But nope lol. Home team cleans up — zero celebration after the final buzzer lol. Not even high fives. Just the ole lineup and low 5 the other team. They shook hands like both teams lost lol.
    YouTube is just retarded sometimes lol

    Oh… and announcer guy? Latoya didn’t have much to say at the end because you talked over her the whole time. And your jokes are corny. It’s not G.L.O.W. They obviously take this seriously. She’s the female basketball player so next time, hang back and let her narrate. You might actually learn something about girls basketball, bud

  10. I'm really good I'm the whole red team combined

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