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High School Girls Basketball: Woodbury vs. Stillwater

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Stillwater’s big three of Sara Scalia, Alexis Pratt and Liza Karlen hope to extend their team’s command of the Suburban East Conference.

Commentators: Mike Peden and LaToya Turk


  1. It’s unbelievable that this is high school level Canada dosent take their high school sports this seriously

  2. they literally didn't do any type of varied dribbling??

  3. i believe girls basketball is more entertaining because girls are more agressive and their defence is better

  4. alexis IS SO FAST AND ENERGENTIC like she keeps going and shes so good wow

  5. bro, they’re hella trashhhh😭 my aau team could beat them😭 easy claps💯

  6. I love basketball and I went to one basketball class and I was the Only fucking girl!!! And I hate the fact that not many girls play basketball I am literally trying to find a fucking girls class!!!

  7. Alexis doesn’t stay in her zone yes she’s talented but she’s just all over the place

  8. The only thing I been seeing is that everytime the white team had the ball they kept moving outside. That's why it was harder for them to get to the basketball hoop

  9. These refs are blind called a travel and it was a double

  10. My dad just showed my how to control the basket ball and flick the basket ball softly in the hoop

  11. Anyone have tips for offensive and defensive??

  12. Who’s going to be a basketball play in the FUTER

  13. Who do you guys that is the best sara scalia or Paige bueckers

  14. come and watch " vietnam high school girls in uniform"

  15. Woodbury are shocking. Their passing barely creates space and when it does (by pure luck), they either give a slow pass to the open person or lose possession and if it by a miracle gets to the open person that person, with an open look, decides to pass again. What?

  16. I quit basketball today because I hate my life and its just not for me and watching this is tearing me up 🙁

  17. Didn't know the Governor allowed basketball during woodbury apocalipse

  18. and a scoreless match on both teams…… just like last season

  19. N.B.A = NOTHING. BUT. ACTORS. Roman day circus for distraction.

    SPALDING=  is English/Scottish, comin from the tribe the Spaldingus

    They play ball on a "court" that goes stem back to the Roman Courts.

    In basketball u have what is called a "time of possession" we kno that when somebody is possessed under demonic possession they are not of God.

    The players shoot from the "Arc" jus a play on the actual Arch from the bible.

    NBA has a Triangle offense, the triangle pyramid is what this whole world is ran by everybody tryna run to the top of the pyramid to get what they think is the golden egg smh.

    NBA has what is called "Beast Mode"  when we read the bible we understand that the serpent was the most cunning "Beast" of the field. You are not to go in beast mode.

    When u carry the ball its called carry the cross, who do we kno that carried a cross? Blaspheming against the word of god.

    Gods people had to separate some where in the land of Gilead and some on other side and they started to go against each other, 1 wanted to build to worship god on one side, and the other wanted to build up also this is how u get the "Pepsi" logo with the white strip in the middle representing the water that was splitting gods people up blue on one side red on the other all division.

    NBA has a Cinderella team but we dnt have no Queen here only one oppressor takin instructions and he thinks hes a god lol it stems back to England straight from the queen.

    Jerseys stem back from medieval times and Letterman jackets come from the armor the medieval knights wore in the days of old.

    The more you can distract and entertain the more you get paid.

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