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WHAT A GREAT IDEA FOR THE COACH AT JACKSON HIGH SCHOOL!! I am so grateful to be apart of this program and to not only be able to grow myself and the team through the summer but younger kids as well! thank you all for the support! Lets get to million subs! #CollegeBasketball

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  1. Is your summer league very scheduled orbis kind of random my schools summer league seem hella random jw if your was the same?

  2. Dude in the black tank top has a smooth game.💯

  3. 1v1 the guy in the black tank top that was cooking them

  4. Damn I wish the NCAA wasn’t so stingy, I would’ve loved to support you more by copping your merch. Love the vids man you got game

  5. Yo I was looking through your stats and saw that you got Disqualified in a game 😂 lol what happened?

  6. if you guys play against D1 prospects it would be interesting

  7. Keep up that good work💪💪 loving the vids bro

  8. Aye is mount union looking for a walk on???

  9. Bro you’re really nice at ball keep it up 🔥🔥

  10. I see ya trying to catch a body bro!! Lol 🤣

  11. Love it, I’m also a fellow basketball YouTuber trying to grow my channel!

  12. That an all white high school or something?

  13. Love your vids, where you from? I play naia basketball maybe we can set up naia vs d3 if we aren’t far from each other.

  14. Of course you play the most bum ass high school team ever

  15. To be fair they were a few brothers short knaw I'm sayin

  16. my 3rd grade brothers pop warner game has more of a crowd than this

  17. The high school team is worse than the 8th grade AAU team my lil bro plays on and the D3 team is worse than the HS team my big bro plays on 😂😂😂😂😂

  18. everyones dissing d3 sm but honestly no matter what division your in, in the end it doesnt matter. basketball is basketball and just being given the opportunity to play at all is a blessing. also not to mention any and all levels of mens basketball is pretty insane so 🤷‍♀️

  19. Mannnn, I don't know why people diss d3. Ballislife, as long you're playing ball, you are playing ball.

  20. THis might sound crazy but my high school team could have beat my college team. We had 1 guy go play d-1 and two go play d-2 and i played D-3.

  21. Come on now lol everybody knows D3 basketball is super senior basketball

  22. People don’t realize that D3 hoopers are still hella good hoopers

  23. D3 team taller and stronger at every position. Didn't seem like a very strong high school team.

  24. I played summer league there before good times !

  25. I played D3 and we weren’t very good and I remember a bunch of the students and staff started a rumor that they’d beat us in a game. So we decided to do it for shits and giggles since we were tired of hearing the bullshit. They picked the best players from the staff and student population. We didn’t start our starters and our coach coached the other team. We goofed off most of the game and still beat them like 70-120 with a running clock lol

  26. I tried playing up in summer league in varsity league I’m a incoming freshman btw and i tried setting a screen and ended up getting knocked on my ass and breaking my arm

  27. Yo did you ever play Wooster? If so my buddy was a guard there lol

  28. As a former D3 player I’m a big fan of your vlog, I’m a little older graduated in 02 & I remember being excited when D3hoops.com started back then. What you are doing is great and gives HS kids a glimpse of how good D3 programs are.

  29. How do you even get better. I go to a D1 school and although playing on the team is simply never going to happen I am passionate about getting better and I want to be good enough to hang with anyone and the best I can be

  30. Lol I’d love to see ya try that with Texas highschool teams

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